Shocking Reasons Why Men Go Bald!

You are not alone if you think your hairline is receding every time you glance in the mirror. More than half of males aged 50 and over show indications of hair loss. Male-pattern baldness, scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia, is very common among men. And by the age of 45, half of all males around the world have endured hair loss. Approximately 70% of males will experience hair loss as they age. In addition, 25% of bald males see their first indications of hair loss before the age of 21.

Causes of Baldness

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It’s typically something you can blame on your ancestors, but there are a few other possibilities.


The great majority of male baldness is caused by hereditary factors, namely the number of male hormones produced by your body and the vulnerability of your hair to them. The post-pubertal hairline recession also causes some hair loss.

A post-pubertal recession normally mainly affects the hairline and isn’t a cause for concern in most males. Male pattern baldness is a hereditary as well as a hormonal condition. Not all men who are genetically inclined to baldness will lose their hair completely. Hair loss might appear as a slightly receding hairline around the temples.


If you aren’t genetically susceptible to hair loss or aren’t highly stressed, but you nonetheless have thinning hair or a receding hairline, your diet might be to blame. Certain diets, especially those lacking in vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, might cause your hair to shed prematurely.

It’s critical that you prioritize iron consumption. According to medical research, vegetarians and vegans must take around 1.8 times the amount of iron that meat-eaters do in order to avoid iron deficiency and its possible consequences on hair development. It is critical that you consult with your healthcare professional to decide the best course of nutritional supplements for you.

❕Way of Life

There’s a chance your hairline could suffer if you drink, party, and don’t get enough sleep. Staying up late and failing to get enough sleep may negatively impact your hair health because sleep is vital in practically every part of your health. Low-quality sleep also leads to a decrease in the synthesis of key hormones, many of which are important in encouraging hair growth.

Just keep in mind that hair loss is still primarily hormonal and hereditary. So while changing your lifestyle can help you avoid stress-induced hair loss, it won’t help you halt hereditary male pattern baldness, which requires a different approach.


High levels of stress are a major health issue that may impact your hair. If you’ve been a lot, the stress from your job may be affecting your hairline.

Hair loss can also be caused by stress in your daily life. According to medical evidence, stress can cause three forms of hair loss.


Pills, particularly those that boost the levels of stress hormones in your body, might cause hair loss on occasion. While most over-the-counter medications are unlikely to cause hair loss, several popular prescription medications can have significant side effects resulting in temporary or permanent hair loss in rare situations.

If you’ve been taking a medication that you believe is causing hair loss, go to your doctor to find out if it’s to blame and if there are any other treatment alternatives.


Our bodies alter in a variety of ways as we age, and as previously said, your hairlines are no exception. Even while hair loss might begin in your teens, up to 50% of men will detect some degree of hair loss by the age of fifty.

One is that your hair naturally thins down as you get older. Individual hair strands get smaller and lighter in color, and some follicles stop producing new hair entirely. Furthermore, as you become older, your body produces less hair at a slower rate. The average person’s hair growth cycle lasts two to six years.

Men’s Hair Loss Treatments

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You don’t have control of your hair from falling out as you get older, but some treatments and therapies can help. Learn which vitamins and unique tonics have shown guarantee in blocking hair loss before you go out and buy them.

✔️ Get Prescription Medicine

Finasteride and minoxidil are two clinically authorized medications for preventing additional hair loss. Both therapies may result in some hair regeneration, but they are not without the risk of adverse effects.

✔️ Change your Hair Method

There is confirmation that styling products may lead to hair loss, as the substances in these products rest on the scalp preventing hair from reaching the surface. Therefore, avoid applying hair gels; instead, try natural-style solutions that hold less chemicals.

✔️ Get a Hair Transplant

If you are already experiencing considerable hair loss, a transplant is your best option. There are several hair transplant procedures, but some of the brand-new ones employ hair stem cells to induce regrowth in the donor region, allowing for multiple transplants if necessary.

✔️ Laser Comb

After 26 weeks of using a laser comb across the scalp, a study of 103 men with pattern hair loss discovered a substantial improvement in hair density. The specific mechanism by which the function of the comb is unknown, however, it has been proposed that low-power lasers have an antioxidant impact on hair follicles.

✔️ NO Hot Showers

Scalding showers can burn the scalp by tearing it off the essential oils that protect it, producing dryness and irritation. However, there is no clear proof that hot showers cause hair loss, although some feel scalp irritation might cause hair follicle shrinkage and thinning hair.

✔️ Head Massage

According to research, a massage can improve hair thickness by enhancing blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles and activating genes known to stimulate hair development. Massage also helps to lessen stress, which is another element that adds to hair loss.

How to Detect If You’re Going Bald

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Hair loss is often a progressive process that occurs over months, years, or even decades. So, how can you tell when it’s time to act? These early indicators might frequently indicate that you’re starting to lose your hair.

❗Hair Falls

This may seem self-explanatory, but excessive hair shedding is a visible and typical symptom of hair loss. Regrettably, this sign is very simple to miss. This is due to natural hair shedding, which happens when your hairs complete the last stages of the hair development cycle, which causes most individuals to lose roughly 100 strands of hair on any given day.

However, if you see a lot of hair about the home or are caught inside the drain of your shower, it’s usually a strong indication that it’s time to check into hair loss remedies.

❗Visible Scalp

Male pattern baldness may cause even the thickest head of hair to seem much, much thinner over time, which means your scalp may become evident when your hair is wet, divided, or styled with wet-look styling tools. This is due to hair loss over your scalp, even though your hairline hasn’t improved in the meantime.

This type of loss affects certain men at the top of their head. When you look in the mirror at the back of your head, you may notice that your skin is obvious.

❗Longer Hair Growth

Your scalp hair grows roughly six inches each year, so you’ll get about an inch of new hair every couple of months. There are no scientific studies that suggest that male pattern baldness influences the rate at which your hair grows right now.

However, because male pattern baldness can alter your hair count, it may take a while for your hair to grow back to its normal look following a short haircut.

❗Receding Hairline

This characterizes male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, it’s also an indication that many men ignore it until it’s too late, either because they don’t see it developing or because it’s unpleasant to recognize.

Alternatively, you may see your hairline forming an M-shape when washing or drying your hair. Receding hairlines usually begin at the temples. The pattern normally worsens with time until your hairline is lower in the middle than it is on the sides.

❗Random Bald Spots

Other types of hair loss, in addition to male pattern baldness, may create patchy patches or random bald spots on your head. Hair loss may also lead you to scatter hair in a weird pattern that wraps around some regions of your head. It can also impair the growth of your facial hair, resulting in little patches of missing hair in your beard region.

The good news is that these types of hair loss are typically transitory, which means your hair will come back and fill up any bald spots or patchy regions.

❗Itchy Scalp

Although an itchy scalp does not always indicate hair loss, many diseases can also cause hair loss. Other skin diseases that cause itching can cause hair loss if you scratch your scalp excessively. Mild itching is also prevalent in those who have alopecia.

There is no clear evidence that male pattern baldness, the most prevalent cause of hair loss in males, causes an itchy scalp.

Top Balding Men’s Hairstyles

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Just because you are losing your hair doesn’t mean you can’t style it. There are several ways to work around it and achieve your desired appearance.

👍Keep it Short

Short hair reduces the appearance of balding and provides your hair lift, making it appear as if you have more hair. Unfortunately, some men do not believe this and continue to wear their old fashions.

👍Get a Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an excellent choice if your hair is starting to thin on your crown or along your hairline. This style provides you with a clean yet edgy appearance that will have the ladies swooning.

👍Get Shaggy Layers

If you’re just starting to thin and don’t want to go very short, try some light, shaggy layers. Request that the barber cut the top of your hair in irregular layers. Simply tug your hair around while styling it. It will give you an adorable tousled look that will conceal your receding hair.

👍Get a Clean Shave

The fully bald appearance is ideal for guys with huge bald patches that cover a substantial amount of their heads. The clean-shaven appearance has several advantages. To begin with, you are liberated from the slavery of ever having to style your hair again. 

👍Grow your Facial Hair

Many celebrities with thinning hair have some facial hair. The facial hair draws attention away from your thinning head and toward your face. Mustaches and goatees are ideal.

How To Take Good Care Of A Bald Head

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Going bald is a frightening possibility for many guys, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss at a young age. There are a plethora of potential solutions available. Men who are desperate for an answer will resort to wigs and even surgery. However, changing one’s perspective is frequently the best option. You may free yourself and move on with renewed confidence.

While it may appear to be a low-maintenance option, your scalp requires almost as much upkeep as one covered with hair. Therefore, you’ll need to learn how to deal with them and what products can help you.


Every day, take a shower and cleanse your scalp. Your head generates a remarkable quantity of oil and perspiration, but it is normally distributed throughout your hair, making it considerably less visible. For bald guys, this may accumulate rapidly, and it can obstruct your pores and make your hair shine.

When cleaning your hair as a bald man, experts advise using your regular shampoo and conditioner.


The skin on your scalp, like any other piece of skin, is susceptible to drying out. This results in forming a layer of dead skin on top of your younger, fresher skin. This keeps the skin appearing more youthful, makes shaving easier, and reduces your chances of developing dry skin or breakouts in the future.

Look for a scrub that is manufactured with natural and organic components that will not dry out your skin or clog your pores. Exfoliants containing hazardous substances like parabens, alcohol, or mineral oil should be avoided. Also, stay away from anything that contains plastic micro-beads. These are little plastic beads that serve as an abrasive to aid in the removal of dead skin.


The skin on your face is distinct from the skin on the rest of your body, as is the skin on the top of your head. It necessitates the use of a scalp-specific moisturizer. It’s advisable to go natural while seeking a scalp moisturizer for a bald head. Look for materials that are naturally sourced and, ideally, organic.

After showering, moisturize your scalp at least once a day. This is the greatest time to apply moisturizer since a buildup of oils and grime will not obstruct it. In addition, after taking a shower, your pores will be more open, helping your skin to absorb the moisturizer more effectively.


As a bald guy, your scalp is considerably more exposed than that of someone with a conventional hairdo; thus it is critical to preserve your scalp. On sunny days, use sunscreen with an SPF and use a hat if you will be in the sun for an extended amount of time. On the other hand, wear a hat on chilly days not just to remain warm but also to protect your scalp.

Ways to Look and Feel Good If you’re Bald

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Here are a few pointers on how to appear attractive with a bald head even if everyone else has a full head of hair.

➖ Get a Tan

The major concern is if your skin seems healthy at all. Darker skin seems healthier because pigmentation hides flaws better than light skin. It is also critical to assess whether or not the skin tone is even. If you’ve had hair your entire life, you’ll see tan lines on your scalp when you shave.

If you decide to obtain a tan, don’t overdo it. For example, if you are naturally pale, don’t get too dark since it is unhealthy and will make you appear bad.

➖ Grow your Beard

If you are bald naturally, you should be informed that the same testosterone responsible for hair loss on your head can also assist you in growing a beard.

That same hormone circulates throughout your body and is responsible for your beard’s growth. When you decide to go bald, the major reason you could consider getting a beard is for it to frame your face, and it doesn’t matter what sort of beard you grow.

➖ Dress Well

The moment you lose your hair, you lose the ability to wear whichever you choose. The days of looking rumpled and out of bed are long gone. If you’ve ever observed, bald males don’t look well when they’re not properly attired.

You need the means to compensate for your hair loss, and wearing the part is the price you must pay. Without your hair framing your face, you will appear naked to many people in an odd way, and there are a variety of methods to dress the role.

➖ Wear Sunglasses

When you’ve shaved your head completely, you can’t ignore framing your face. Wearing sunglasses is one method to do this since it adds flair to your appearance.

Sunglasses frame your face the way your hair used to do, drawing focus to the greatest elements of your face while drawing attention away from the flaws. Of course, any sunglasses you pick are a question of personal taste and what you want them to say about you.

➖ Work Out

While women do not desire men who appear to be bodybuilders, they do appreciate some muscle on the man they are interested in. Being bald already makes you appear powerful and authoritative, and adding some muscles can improve your appearance even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a bald man regrow his hair?

A: It is generally feasible to regrow hair on a bald patch. You may need to attempt more than one form of therapy to achieve the desired outcomes.

Q: What is the primary cause of baldness?

A: A inherited disease that occurs with aging is the most prevalent cause of hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for this disorder.

Q: What is the most effective vitamin for hair loss?

A: B vitamin is one of the most popular vitamins for hair growth. Human hair loss has been connected to biotin deficiency.

Q: What caused my hair to start thinning?

A: Hair loss can be caused by a combination of lifestyle factors, genetics, or both. Certain medical disorders might also cause hair thinning.

Q: Which race suffers the most hair loss?

A: Caucasians have the highest rates, followed by Afro-Caribbeans. Men from China and Japan have the lowest rates.

Final Thoughts

Baldness can develop spontaneously or as a result of a medical illness or treatment, such as cancer. It doesn’t matter if you get bald. What is important is what you do about it. Most guys struggle with baldness when it first appears, but as you’ve seen, the secret to feeling secure in your own skin is to accept it. As a result, numerous males continue to appear on magazine covers despite being bald.

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