How to Shave a Head with Clippers? Check Here!

Have you ever gone to the barber’s and noticed they are using the same or similar manscaping tools you have at home? Shaving is an easy haircut anyone can master. And all you need are reliable clippers with adjustable lengths. They help you achieve a shaved look suitable for your head regardless of experience. But, you’re probably wondering: how to shave a head with clippers?

I’ve made this detailed guide to help you learn more about clippers and how to properly use them in shaving your head in just seven steps! Read on to shave like a pro in no time. 

Why You Should Use Clippers to Shave Your Head

Although initially for styling, clippers are an excellent grooming tool for shaving heads.

Quality hair clippers allow you to cut through even the roughest hair seamlessly. You get a close cut with the shortest possible length, letting you shave your scalp better. As a result, you can achieve a clean, bald head look similar to a professional’s!

Also, thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now pick across many variations. You can get corded clippers for closer cuts and the best performance or cordless clippers for more flexibility.

In short, clippers make the entire process more manageable regardless of your experience. If you’re looking to shave your head with clippers at home, check the guide below for the best results.

How to Shave a Head with Clippers? Your 7-Step Guide

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1️⃣ Trim Long Hair

Before shaving your hair with clippers, trim some of those that stick out. Getting rid of these long hairs early on helps you shave more smoothly. After all, these can get stuck in your electric clippers, causing further damage. And you wouldn’t want this to happen! 

Aside from trimming long hair, I recommend softening your hair before shaving. You can use warm water to soften your skin and hair. Either way, it makes mowing your head easier. Simultaneously, it keeps your clippers from catching too-long hair strands. 

Besides softening your hair, soaking your scalp and head with water lets you scout for moles or bumps. And if you find any nicks or cuts, make sure to be careful around them.

2️⃣ Apply Shaving Gel or Cream

After trimming and softening your hair, apply shaving gel or shaving cream. You can use those you usually use for your daily beard care routine. And if not available, you can always buy shaving gels. Either way, this helps protect your scalp and skin from irritation. Plus, it lets you enjoy a smoother shaving experience.

3️⃣ Pick a Length Before Learning How to Shave a Head with Clippers

Before you go and shave your head, settle for a specific length. This way, you don’t have to adjust your cuts while shaving. But if you’re looking to completely shave all your hair for a smoother and shaved look, continue to the next step. 

If not, see if you’re in the mood for a trendy undercut or a traditional buzzcut. Regardless, decide how much hair you want to shave off at this point. 

4️⃣ Remove the Clipper Guard

Once you decide on how much hair you’re willing to shave, take off the guard from your clippers. Doing so increases your chances of achieving the closest possible shave. And though it won’t be as clean as you’d get with a razor shave, it’s good enough. Plus, it won’t cause as much friction, keeping your head free from redness or irritation. 

However, keep one guard on the clippers if you want to leave some hair but still want that shaved look. 

5️⃣ Clip Your Hair

I suggest clipping your hair the opposite way your hair grows for more precise results. Usually, you’d mow through your hair in the same direction as the grain. But this isn’t ideal for clippers as you’re not getting as close of a shave with razors. 

Aside from that, clipping your hair following the grain can be challenging. It’s tricky to clip your hair if you’re moving the clippers over the top. So, remember to keep it opposite!

6️⃣ Shave Your Head Accordingly till Smooth

After clipping your hair and deciding how much you want to shave off, switch to the clipper length you prefer.

It’s best to begin shaving on your head where the sideburns start. You can find the exact area by placing the clippers against your skin and moving it to the crown of your head. I recommend going through it several times until reaching the space behind your ears. 

Although that’s the suggestion of most barbers, you can also start in a different area. Do what’s most convenient for you. 

Regardless of where you start, move from the top down when shaving the top part of your head. Gently glide the clippers to the crown of your head, and stop when you reach the very back. 

After removing a good amount of hair, shave from the bottom to the top. Put the clippers near the nape of your neck and bring them toward your crown. 

Repeat that until you’ve shaved off all your hair. 

Experiment with different clipper lengths if you’re looking for a stylized shaved look. It lets you achieve a smoother gradient, creating hair cuts like the iconic buzz cut. 

7️⃣ Add Some Finishing Touches

After shaving most of your hair, tidy up by shaving some parts of your sideburns and neck. I suggest trimming your sideburns short for the best results. And do other finishing touches as you’d like. Remember to check your head on your bathroom mirror to see areas that need adjustments. 

If satisfied with your cut, rinse your scalp with plain, cold water. It helps close your pores and remove any remaining hair stuck to your skin. You don’t need to use shampoo for this but settle for milder shampoos or soap if you want to.

Meanwhile, you can opt for aftershave if you’re not in the mood to take a shower after shaving. It reduces irritation and swelling, keeping your scalp smooth and clean. This post-shaving practice is best for men with sensitive skin.

Finally, I recommend investing in a styptic pen or alum blocks for people with sensitive skin that often accumulate nicks and bumps when shaving. These can treat any injury you get from shaving, stopping any bleeding while disinfecting the wounds.

How Can I Make My Shaved Look Last? 5 Maintenance Tips to Remember!

To maintain your clean, shaved look, here are some maintenance tips you need to keep in mind:

👨‍🦲Wash Your Head Every Day Using a Gentle Shampoo

Man Taking Shower - How to Shave a Head with Clippers
Photo Courtesy of Caique Silva

One of the easiest ways to make your shaved look last for a long time is by washing your head every day.

You can use shampoo or soap, as long as it has a gentle formula. Either way, ensure to make a lather and rub it into your scalp to remove sweat, dirt, and grime. And don’t forget to rinse to avoid flaking. 

If you have a drier scalp than usual, you can switch the gentle shampoo or soap with Dandruff shampoo. Never opt for any harsh cleanser for your scalp as these can irritate it, causing swelling. After all, the scalp is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. 

Also, though it’s best to wash your head every day, limit your showers to once a day only. This way, you can keep your scalp moist and healthy.

👨‍🦲Use Antiperspirants to Combat Excess Sweating

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Your hair follicles collect the sweat beads that accumulate on your head. And since these come from natural perspiration, it’s unavoidable. These sweat beads have nowhere to go but drip down your face when you go bald since there is no more hair to catch them.

Although it’s normal to sweat, it can get annoying over time. 

Fortunately, antiperspirants are a thing, and they can help stop and prevent excess sweating. They offer instant and lasting relief if your sweating is bothering you. And all it requires is a daily application before going to sleep.

It’s better to do it before you go to bed as it lets the antiperspirants soak into your scalp overnight. 

You can use a spray-on, roll-on, or stick antiperspirant. Either way, these help you control sweat, providing immediate relief. 

👨‍🦲 Moisturize Your Head Regularly 

A Close-Up Shot of a Cream in a Glass (moisturizer)
Photo Courtesy of Tara Winstead

To maintain a cleanly shaven, bald look, keep your scalp moisturized. It’s best to apply a body or face moisturizer twice a day.

Just make sure you’re using a formula catered to protecting your scalp. I recommend slathering moisturizer once in the morning and another in the evening. 

Moisturizing keeps your scalp moist and glowing, and it also prevents dry patches or wrinkle formation. As a result, you can enjoy a freshly shaved look for a prolonged period. 

Opt for matte moisturizers if you’re worried about your head gleaming or shining. 

👨‍🦲 After Shaving Your Head with Clippers, Protect it from the Sun

White and Black Pump Bottle of Sunscreen - How to Shave a Head with Clippers
Photo Courtesy of Ksenia Chernaya

Sun exposure is among the leading causes of wrinkles and rapid aging on the skin. And since you’ve gone bald, you’re practically exposing your scalp passively. Luckily, you can combat harsh sun rays by applying sunscreen.

I suggest using at least a 30 SPF broad-spectrum sunblock for maximum protection. Apply the product at least 15 minutes before going outdoors.

Also, continue re-applying the sunblock every 2 to 4 hours while outside. This way, you’ll be able to protect your scalp from the harsh sun rays all-day. 

Meanwhile, you can opt for sun hats if you don’t want the hassle of applying and re-applying sunscreen. These cover most of your head, keeping it safe from the sun’s rays. 

👨‍🦲 Shave Your Head with Clippers when you Spot New Hair Growth

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Photo Courtesy of Tima Miroshnichenko

Shave as you’d typically would once you notice visible hair growth on your scalp.

It’s best to shave these hairs when they’re less than 0.64 centimeters or 0.25 inches long. They’re easier to remove and won’t need extra steps like trimming. So, try not to let your hair go beyond that length! 

But this doesn’t mean you need to shave your head every time you spot hair growth. After all, doing it so often can lead to irritation, plus nicks and cuts. Although you can use shaving oil or moisturizer to prevent these, it’s still not recommended. 

I suggest shaving your head no more than once every week. But if this still irritates your scalp, extend your rest periods between each shave.

Shaving your Head with Clippers for the First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know!

If it’s your first time shaving with clippers, below are a few crucial things you need to know. Familiarizing yourself with these factors helps you shave like a pro and achieve the best results. 

✔️ Gather the Right Tools and Keep Your Clippers Flexible

It’s best to have a reliable pair of clippers with several guards. And even if you don’t need any guard for close-cut shaving, it’s better to have more options. This variety lets you have the chance to explore different shaved looks, such as the buzzcut. 

Aside from clippers, you’ll also often need shaving cream, a pair of scissors, a towel, and a few hairpins. 

✔️ Always Trim or Cut Your Hair Before Shaving

If you have medium- to long hair, always trim or cut it before shaving with clippers. Doing this allows the manscaping tool to mow through your hair better. Plus, it prevents too-long hair strands from clogging your hair clippers. 

However, if you already have short hair, you can start shaving immediately. There’s no need to trim it. 

✔️ Ensure Dry and Clean Hair Before You Shave A Head with Clippers

Like any haircut in the book, you’d want to work with dry and clean hair. It speeds up the process while preventing unwanted products from clogging your clippers. Also, working with dry hair is exclusive to shaving with hair clippers, as wet hair strands may damage them.

✔️ Begin with a Higher Number Guard

The hair guard length you pick determines what type of haircut you’ll get. Plus, it also affects how the entire process will turn out. Generally, it’s best, to begin with, a higher number as you can always downside. But you never go the other way around! And this is especially crucial if it’s your first-time shaving with clippers. 

Starting high up lets you run a couple of practice runs without affecting your hair. 

✔️ Keep it Slow and Steady

Since it’s your first time shaving, I recommend working on small areas at a time. Regardless of where you start, always hold the clippers flatly and move in tiny, gentle strokes. Also, don’t forget to go opposite the direction of your hair growth. This specific way of shaving ensures even and clean results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are clippers good for shaving my head?

A: Although clippers are initially for fades and designs, you may also use them for shaving. But using clippers alone to shave your head may cause irritation and inflammation. Hence, it pays to hydrate your scalp first before shaving. You can enjoy a clean shave without the nicks and cuts.

Q: How to shave a bald head with clippers?

A: Shaving an already bald head is different from that with hair. Fortunately, electric trimmers nowadays are as straightforward as they can be. You must take their guard off and mow it over your bald head. I recommend using the shortest setting available for the best results. 

Q: How can I shave my head with clippers properly?

A: Before you shave, I suggest softening and trimming some of your hair. It helps you mow your hair off faster without leaving nicks and bumps. Plus, it makes it easier to cut even the coarsest or incredibly bristly hair. 

Q: Is it a good idea to shave your head?

A: If you haven’t been bald before, shaving your head is highly beneficial, removing damaged hair. As a result, you’ll be able to experience healthier and more luscious hair growth. Just make sure you know what grooming tool is suitable for the job. For instance, though clippers are viable for shaving, they need extra steps to work. After all, they’re designed for styling rather than shaving. 

Q: Is it better to shave my head with a razor than an electric clipper?

A: Electric clippers are safer, convenient, and easier to use than razors. And though they aren’t as precise as old-fashioned razors, you can get similar results. As long as you make some careful preparations and informed decisions beforehand, you can get quite close performance-wise. 

Final Words

How to shave a head with clippers? Since clippers are initially for styling, it needs a few extra steps when shaving. Luckily, they’re easy to follow, and anyone can do it, including you. Just make sure to choose a hairstyle beforehand. After all, it’s not possible un-shave your head!

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