5 Best Beard Brushes and Combs [Barbers’ Choice]

A portrait of a bearded man with jeans color shirt and eyeglasses while sitting on rooftop

The best beard brushes and combs are your first line of defense against wayward facial hair. However, not all bearded guys realize the benefits of having dedicated grooming kits for their manes. While you can use just about any comb, a tool made specifically for beards will yield better results. Below, I reviewed five best-selling … Read more

Best Beard Oil To Stop Itching – My 4 Proven Options!

A bearded man applying oil into his beard using a dropper

Beard oils are liquid gold for itchy and scratchy chin pelts. It’s an easy sell for bearded guys who want an easy, convenient, and cheap solution for their irritated facial hair. However, not all small-batch and handcrafted beard oils can be trusted. While some of them are truly heaven-sent, you have to be meticulous with … Read more