Blend Sideburns Into Beards – The Easy Way!

Sideburns have long been associated with masculinity and rebellion. This statement style has recently re-emerged as a powerful face feature for modern guys. Sideburns can help to balance out your face characteristics. While also emphasizing your rough jawline and cheekbones.

It may be frightening to fade your sideburns to your beard. A fade is just a term for progressive fading. It will enable you to keep your hair short and neat around your sideburns. And slowly merge into your beard. This approach works well for short, medium, and even long beards.

Blending your Sideburns to your Beard

A man getting shaved his neck hair under beard at barber shop

The goal is to achieve a continuous flow. To have a gradual transition from hair to sideburns to beard, avoiding the awkward gap in between.

  • Examine your beard for any essential trimmings. You might want to move in a couple of different directions along your jaw.
  • Go all the way to the bottom of your ear, both sides. Attempt to obtain everything. You’ll have your foundation of facial hair trimmed after you’ve arrived.
  • You must now begin to taper. Increase the length by 2 millimeters. Taper out and hold your face. Drop it to 1 if you want it tighter.
  • It will be perfectly integrated. Repeat on the opposite side. Without going straight up, pull it out and feather it.
  • Break out from your attachment and establish your limits. Take the neck. It’s painting a line from your ear to your mouth on your cheek. Please come in and clean things up.

Different Sideburn Styles

A portrait of a young boy with blended sideburns wearing a black hoodie

πŸ§”πŸ» Long Sideburns

Longer sideburns help to frame the face. And usually end just below the ear. It is important to analyze the form of your face before trimming. Long, thin sideburns can help to lengthen the face. 

As a result, they are ideal for males with broad, square, or round features. If your face is narrow or long, trim your sideburns broad to draw attention to your qualities. Finally, if you want to shape up your fading beard, lengthy is the way to go. Allow them to mature. Trim as needed to provide a sleek, rough appearance.

πŸ§”πŸ» Short Sideburns

If your profession needs a formal appearance, short sideburns are ideal. This look is best worn with a clean-shaven face or with very little facial hair. Make sure the cut-off line is above the bottom of the ear to maintain sideburns short and crisp. 

Try something new. You can tinker with the angles of the line or try a short, tapered method.

πŸ§”πŸ» Tapered Sideburns

Tapered sideburns are a contemporary spin on the traditional sideburn. A steady variation in hair length creates this fading impression. The hair closest to the temples is the thickest. This is determined by how far your sideburns extend down your face. 

And, if you’re blending into a beard, the thinnest part will align with a certain region of the ear. Maintaining this appearance will need frequent trimming. This is to prevent stray hairs from turning your sleek appearance into a patchwork mess. Finally, this style is ideal for males who want to conceal uneven hair growth.

πŸ§”πŸ» Skinny Sideburns

Skinny sideburns are a polished and traditional complement to short, slicked-back hair. This style looks amazing when stretched all the way to the bottom of the ear or integrated into a beard. When these slim sideburns are long, they draw the eye downwards and lengthen the face. 

To get this style, shape your sideburns using clippers. Then, for a clean finish, take a razor blade. To eliminate any stray hairs, regular care is essential. However, the extra few minutes every day will be worthwhile.

πŸ§”πŸ» Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are ideal for drawing attention to sharp cheekbones and rough jawlines. This look has long, full sideburns. It spreads to the corners of the mouth and widens as it moves down the face. 

Allow your sideburns to grow until they reach your beard. Feel free to include this into your new mutton chops if you’re a mustache man. Then, take your clippers and sculpt out the form. The main character is a shaved chin. 

However, leaving some hair on the neck beneath would soften the effect significantly. If this is your first time, this may be a good idea. Finally, keep your hair neat by combing it down with a comb.

How to Straighten Sideburns

A Man with straighten sideburns

Sideburns can be used to enhance a facial shape and give elegance to your appearance. Sideburns are simple to develop, but they are not necessarily simple to maintain.

βœ”οΈ Face the Mirror Directly

Place yourself in front of a mirror that reveals the entirety of your face. The face should not be angled. Looking straight ahead will make it simpler to produce a straight line. Instead of turning your face to the side to see the entire sideburn.

βœ”οΈ Use Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is required since it hydrates your skin and offers lubrication throughout the shaving process. Lather up your sideburns with your preferred shaving cream. If you plan to shave more than your sideburns, soap up whatever extra facial hair you have.

βœ”οΈ Straighten your Razor

With your dominant hand, hold a straight razor. The razor’s tip should be facing the mirror. The blade itself should be parallel to the ground.

βœ”οΈ Make a Single Stroke

Bring the razor up to the top of one of your sideburns. Then, with one stroke, bring the razor all the way down. This will remove any bushiness from your sideburn hair. Leaving it sleek and tidy. Rep on the other side of your sideburns. Then, on the unshaven sideburns, repeat the process.

βœ”οΈ Use Short Strokes

Lather your sideburns with shaving cream again after you’ve made single strokes along with the sideburns. Then, beginning at the bottom of your sideburns, make tiny strokes. Make use of this opportunity to straighten up the lines.

How to Trim Sideburns Depending on Your Face Shape

A portrait of a bearded man with white t-shirt

Sideburns are an excellent way to frame a gentleman’s face shape. They may be utilized to correct and balance out face proportions in the same way as imperial beards can. They can be used to lengthen or shorten the face.

βž– Diamond Face

Sideburns can be used to soften the angular features of diamond face shapes. If your sideburns are too short, make sure to cut them to avoid expanding your cheeks even more. 

Long Sideburns with volume, on the other hand, provide texture and soften their chiseled features.

βž– Heart Face

Heart faces may have difficulty finding the appropriate style that flatters their form. Widen the brow to balance out the thin jawline while strengthening the chin. 

Longer sideburns frame the face and draw attention to the little chin. Keep them well-trimmed to retain the balance of the face.

βž– Oblong Face

Short and broad sideburns can be used to shorten the facial length on oblong faces. Applying volume to the face will expand it, whilst long and thin sideburns will elongate it. 

Full Mutton Chops can be utilized to add breadth for daring. Tapering the top to merge towards the temples emphasizes squareness with gentle angularity.

βž– Oval Face 

Faces with an oval shape are more adaptable. Excessive volume, on the other hand, might result in an overabundance of fullness. Which should be avoided. 

Nonetheless, sideburns with short hair can outline the cheekbones. This draws attention to the jawline.

βž– Round Face 

Longer, straight Sideburns cut to a short hair length look fantastic on round face types. A structural finish gives a powerful frame that helps to straighten the cheekbones. 

It also lengthens the face. The face is squared off, and the jawline is emphasized. Sideburns that are too long or too short should be avoided. This may enlarge the breadth of the face.

βž– Square Face

Square face types can try on a range of styles. Nonetheless, sideburns that reach the earlobes frame and highlight their well-proportioned facial structure. 

The extra volume produced the resultant texture. It can also soften the features, although it should be restrained to avoid roundness.

βž– Triangle Face

Short and broad sideburn styles might help to balance out a Triangle face shape’s wide jaw. As well as adding breadth to the cheekbones. Longer lengths, on the other hand, might provide texture to the wider accessible surface. 

Nonetheless, shorten the hair to prevent unnecessarily broadening the facial contour.

The Proper Way to Wash a Beard and Sideburn

A man washing his beard and sideburns in washroom

If you’re like most people, you shower on a regular basis. That’s an excellent place to start when it comes to keeping your beard tidy. However, you still have some further work to perform. 

Body hair and skin may be cared for with regular shampoos and face washes. However, they may lack the natural components required for a smooth, healthy, and luxuriant beard.

❕ Get it Wet

The first stage in washing, like with any other chore, is to get the hair wet and use a ton of water. It is critical to utilize the correct amount of liquid. You should also pay close alert to the temperature. 

Use lukewarm water to care for your beard. And because it opens your pores, increases blood flow, and efficiently removes dirt and grease.

❕ Apply Wash

Your face was appropriately moistened. Then lather it up like you would with a face cleanser. 

It’s vital to understand the many sorts of beard wash. There are several brands obtainable on the market. They are classified into two types: liquid shampoos and solid bars.

❕ Give it a Massage

You should now have a good lather going. It’s time to give it a good massage to assist it to perform its job. Dirt and grease can make their way into your facial hair. 

Furthermore, the massage aids in the uniform distribution of shampoo for a complete clean. Scrub in with your fingertips and dig in deep. You’ll also aid in the cleansing of your skin and the prevention of dryness. Acne and other unpleasant conditions should be avoided.

❕ Rinse

Your laundry has now finished. It’s time to wash it out of your hair. You’ll also want to be thorough. To remove the suds from your hair, apply the same massage technique you did when lathering. 

Give it another massage after you think you’ve eliminated everything. And Because you don’t want any excess beard wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should you cut your sideburns while growing out your beard?

A: You should trim the hedges once it coats your face and becomes thick. Even if you’re just starting.

Q: What exactly is a Viking beard?

A: Scandinavians are the originators of Viking beards. They were lengthy and designed to keep warriors warm in frigid climates.

Q: Are sideburns appealing?

A: A typical man can seem quite appealing with sideburns.

Q: Is it OK to shave your sideburns?

A: There is no need to shave your sideburns, and doing so may exacerbate your condition by generating an unwelcome and unpleasant sensation.

Q: Where can I have my sideburns trimmed?

A: Sideburns should be cut off where they are the thickest. Anywhere between the ear and a little higher.

Q: What do you call thick sideburns?

A: Muttonchops are sideburns that grow from beneath the ears down to the jaw and resemble bits of mutton.

Final Thoughts

Wearing sideburns may be a terrific way to boost your appearance. It is critical that you understand how to create a faded appearance in order to have a smooth impact on the hair. 

Sideburns come in a variety of styles. That is why you must choose which one is most suited to your facial shape. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

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