7 Best Cologne to Attract Ladies and Smell Good

A sample image of a man's perfume bottle in dark background

You can dress your best, have a decent job, and tell great jokes, but this isn’t always enough to impress women. Many men seem to miss essential traits ladies adore, and smelling fantastic is among them. And this is where the best cologne to attract ladies comes in. Many brands are creating unique fragrances to entice … Read more

Antiperspirant Vs. Deodorant: What’s Best For You?

A closeup portrait of a man while spraying deodorant under his arm

Do you smell something unusual in your body? Care to sniff your underarm? The human body is capable of producing a variety of odorants, which are chemicals that have a distinct smell. Many of them are necessary for normal body function in small amounts and therefore do not produce disagreeable scents. That is why markets … Read more