Mustache: Waxing, Styling, and Types

Are you tired of wearing your mustache nowadays? Do you plan to wax it? You want to keep in mind a few things when you are waxing your mustache. Wearing a mustache is a splendid fashion, and you must know how to take care of it. It would be great if you styled it before going outside your house. For you to be able to style your mustache, you must wax it regularly. There are two ways to wax your mustache: using mustache wax and hot hair wax. To know the difference between the two, keep on reading this blog!

History Of Mustache

A man with 17th century  mustache style
Photo credits: overgrown sideburns. Mustache prominence soared in the west between the 1880s and 1890s, keeping pace with a surge in interest in the military ideals of the time. Mustaches also have diverse connections in different cultures. However, it is thought that the first mustache was reported from an Asian Steppe fighter in 300 BC.

Mustache Wax Benefits

The wax used to remove your mustache is usually has beeswax and jojoba oil. Nowadays, there are plenty of products that have various components to make your waxing process clean. Mustache wax is going to give you that all-day stronghold to style your mustache or your beard. This will give it a look that you are going for. 

Clean look

Some of the benefits of mustache wax are that you will be able to use it to style your mustache, or you’re just going to be able to use it a little bit to keep it out of the inside of your mouth. So when you eat or drink, it doesn’t interfere with your activity.


If you are using just a little bit of your mustache on the upper part of your lip, you are going to be able to train your hair to grow in a specific pattern that way as it grows out to the side. In this way, you can go for more of a handlebar look mustache if that is what you are going for. The same thing you are going to be able to do if you want your beard to kind of grows more of a point. So, you will be able to use that to make your hair pattern wish to grow in a specific direction.

How To Wax Your Mustache

There are two ways how to style your wax. For traditional styling, you can use mustache wax. While if you want to clean the edges, you can use regular hot hair wax. These two vary on the purpose of your waxing. Without further ado, let me reveal the list of different steps on how to style your mustache through waxing.

🟢 Styling Using Beeswax-based wax 🟢

A barber taking wax to apply on a man's mustache
Photo credits: HiConsumption

Traditional mustache wax is a thick wax that can make our hair stand all day. With the proper use of it, you can enjoy the style you are looking for.

Getting the wax

Get your mustache wax. You are going to work it out on your thumb and just get a dime-sized amount. This type may be super strong, so you don’t really need to use more than that. You are going to take it, and you are going to work it again on your fingers really well. This is because you don’t want it to clump up in your mustache.

Applying and styling

Now, you are going to apply from the center outward towards the edges of the mustache to work; it is really good. Then, you are going to take a comb and start combing it from the center outwards to keep it off of the lip. While combing, get it in the style that you want, and then it’s all about twisting it and turning it into the direction you want. You can let your beard a little bit to show the separation against your mustache.


With mustache wax, because it is such a thick product, you are going to have to spend a lot of time, and it is going to be a commitment to get it to the style you want. It would be best if you worked it in with heat sometimes, and you can also use a blow dryer to get it all in to get all the wax residue off. It’s hard to style it at first because of the consistency of the wax, but as soon as you know how to do it, you are going to have that all day and long-lasting hold. 

Beginners note

For beginners out there, you must learn what does the mustache wax is going to do for your facial hair. So after you spend all the time working the mustache wax in, the end product will be that you want to kind of look all day. 

🟢 Styling and Cleaning Using Hot Wax 🟢

Blue paste for mustache hot wax
Blue paste for depilation. Texture of honey paste to remove hair.

Hot wax for your mustache is the same as what you use on your legs. This is for cleaning your mustache, especially on the edges of your lips.


You must make sure that your skin is properly cleansed. There are many types of cleansers in the market that varies depending on your skin type. These cleansers basically remove all the dirt that is hiding on every hair strand. If you have sensitive skin, take it easy on cleansing in the corners of your mouth. 

Testing the wax

Once it’s dry, you can start laying your strips. Depending on your skin type, you can run the wax a little bit warmer. You can set the temperature of the wax until you can handle the heat. Before waxing, test the wax out on your forearm first before waxing, especially if you have very active and sensitive skin. This is to make sure it is not too hot, and if you feel like you can handle the heat, then you are good to go.

Pulling the wax from the heater

Now, you are going to pull some wax. When you are pulling for the upper lip, you just want to dip the stick in and clean the edges to avoid dripping. Make sure that the hot wax is not too runny or sticky. 

Waxing your mustache

Then just take the corner of your mouth, and you are going to hold it down with your fingers. Apply the hot wax in the opposite line of the hair growth. Some parts of your upper lip may be very fine-textured hairs, and that is much easier for the hot wax to stick to the hair.

When you go in the opposite direction, hold the opposite side of your lip. Use your stick to help you lift that edge pulled really tight, and aggressively pull that strip off. Gently press the waxed part with your clean hands to lessen the pain. Do the same step on the reverse side of the lip. You are going to apply your wax in the opposite direction of the growth then pull.

Cleaning the excess

After waxing your mustache, you’ll notice that there are still sneaky tiny hairs left. To clean the areas, open your mouth a bit and apply your right section down the corners of your mouth. Hold on to your stick because it is going to help you remove that strip with the edge. Press it down to create an arch in the skin. Pull the strip again and repeat the steps by folding it over.

Closing the pores

After waxing, you can apply pore-tightening gels or creams. But remember not to rub it on your skin. Just dab it because you want to avoid stressing the skin too much. You can also use products that have antiseptic properties, especially if you bleed a bit. These products also help with redness inflammation.

Different Styles Of Mustache

A puppet in long mustache and cap in head

It is crucial to determine what kind of mustache you want before waxing. This is because to let your hair grow in the right direction. Mustache styles also depend on your face shape, so do not just pick any kind you want. It is still better to ask for help from some mustache experts.

Horshoe mustache

It’s similar to a mustache but with two long lines of mustache hair projecting downwards, typically down until to the jawline. The horseshoe mustache is not really an excellent choice for people with heart-shaped features. A smaller chin may only disappear under the surface of the hair. This is the explanation for this facial profile. Even if you are wearing this style, it might make your face appear rounder than usual as a result.

Pencil thin mustache

A pencil mustache is a thin line mustache that sits on top of the lip or just above it. This style is carefully trimmed, so it seems like it was created with a pencil and forms a narrow line.

Gunslinger beard

When a horseshoe-shaped mustache and thick sideburns are combined, it is distinguished as the Gunslinger. Before you cut it using beard scissors, trim the sideburn outlines first using a straight razor. This style is known as a variation on the traditional mutton chops but with a bit more flare.


As its name suggests, it is a chevron-shaped mustache that fills your entire upper lip. The fullness and width of a chevron mustache will take about three months to achieve. Some guys prefer to trim their beards after growing a chevron on top of their beard. The chevron style requires very little trimming. The mustache must not be directly touching your mouth, but instead, the hair should cover half your upper lip.

Bottom Line

Wearing a mustache can make you manly. But it would still be great if you did not have it without proper styling. Waxing your mustache is the most basic way to style it. But before waxing, you must know what style you want to have. After determining your preferred style, learn the proper way of waxing. If you can’t do it at home, you can go to barbershops and let them do it for you instead of damaging your mustache.

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