How to Keep Bald Head from Shining

Scalp shine is ordinary among bald men, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if you’ve had scalp micro-pigmentation or want to dim your shimmering dome, it is possible. So, the question is this: how to keep bald head from shining?

From choosing the right shampoo to wiping off excess sweat, the methods below help keep your bald head from shining. See which one suits your scalp the best!

What Causes My Bald Head to Shine?

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Our body creates sebum or oil on the skin and scalp. These go through the sebaceous glands, which develop beside your hair follicles. And since bald people have little to no hair, these oils are bound to take over the scalp. 

Even if these oils seal moisture on your scalp, they’re responsible for the excess shine on your bald head. And unfortunately, there’s no 100% concrete method to stop your body’s production of oil. But there are many proven methods to reduce shininess.

Keep in mind that amount of oil these glands produce depends on your unique physiology. So, your head may shine less than others or vice versa. And each method discussed below may have varying results.

Best Ways to Keep Your Bald Head From Shining

No matter the reason for your balding, there are many ways to keep your bald head from shining. And these include the following:

🦲 Shave Wisely

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Having an entirely shaved head will look shinier than one with some fuzz. After all, having no hair means there’s no disruption in the light’s reflection on your scalp. That’s why I recommend shaving and choosing your hair cuts wisely if you want to keep your head from shining. 

Although it depends on each person, zero buzz cuts or a close shave should make your scalp less shiny. On the other hand, scalp micro-pigmentation is an excellent alternative for men who are 100% bald. It’s a professional treatment that can add a little fuzz to your scalp, reducing its shine. Plus, it gives you a better hairline!

Also, this test is intended to provide an illusion of hair stubble. And it works best if you’ve shaved down your remaining hair. That’s why it’s best to shave with the grain of your hair to let it absorb light and reduce the shine on your balding head! Not to mention, this can prevent scalp irritation. 

🦲 Use the Right Shampoo or Cleanser

A common mistake that many balding men make is not using a cleanser or shampoo when taking a shower. Not only does this make your scalp dry and irritated, but it can also add shine! 

So just because you don’t have a head full of hair anymore doesn’t mean you don’t need to use a shampoo or cleanser. A bald scalp needs washing as well. And though warm to hot water can help, using the right products is your best bet. 

After all, using a shampoo or cleanser reduces excess oil on your scalp, which in turn decreases shine. But remember to pick the right kind of shampoo or cleanser to avoid further irritation. Not to mention, the wrong product may trigger your scalp to produce even more oil.

🦲 Take Care of Your Sweat

Although sweating is normal, it can make your bald head shine a lot. So if you want to work out outdoors, make a plan to address your sweat early on. Whether it’s bringing a water bottle or a mini fan, taking care of this issue can reduce shine ten-fold.

If you’re conscious about your shiny scalp, I suggest wiping off excess sweat on the go by bringing a towel. 

🦲 Exfoliate

Exfoliating is mainly for the face, hands, or feet. However, few people know that it can benefit a bald head as well. After all, getting rid of dead skin isn’t the only thing exfoliation can do. It can also reduce excess sebum or oil trapped in hair follicles. And this leads to a healthier and less shiny scalp. 

You can use any regular head or face scrub. But it’s best to choose those that use all-natural ingredients for your safety. Keep in mind to talk to a dermatologist beforehand. Doing so ensures you and your scalp’s health. 

🦲 Improve Your Diet

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Although one of the most challenging methods to reduce shine on a bald head, changing your diet is necessary. Consuming fatty foods or carbs can hasten sebum or oil production, leading to an oily—and shiny scalp. 

So making changes to improve your diet can help keep your bald head from shining long-term. Aside from fatty meals and carbs, I also recommend cutting down on dairy and sugary products. After all, these also contribute to oil production. 

I suggest adding more coconut water, banana, nuts, and cucumber to your diet for the best results. These healthier alternatives can help get rid of that persistent shine for good!

🦲 Moisturize

Although this may seem unusual, moisturizing your scalp can actually reduce shine. Dry skin is a common cause of an oily bald head, and moisturizing can address this. Moisturizers can get rid of oil, keeping your bald head from shining—and your scalp healthy!

I recommend applying the moisturizer of your choice after a shower. Doing so prevents your scalp from drying, keeping your bald head from shining. 

🦲 Accessorize

A quick and easy solution for a shining bald head is to wear head accessories like caps and hats. And this is especially useful if you’re going to spend time outdoors under the blazing sun. Not only will headwear hide your shiny bald head, but it will also add an extra layer of protection. With this, you can go on about your day without worrying about your scalp shining. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my bald head so shiny?

A: The sebaceous glands are the primary cause of shining bald heads. After all, they’re responsible for creating sebum or oil, keeping your scalp moisturized. But they’re also the reason behind your shimmering dome. 

Q: Do I still need to use shampoo on my bald head?

A: Using the right shampoo can reduce shine on your bald scalp by removing oils and dirt. It’s also best to use a bald-friendly conditioner afterward to increase moisture and protection.

Q: Does a shiny bald head mean permanent hair loss?

A: Vellus hairs are tiny follicles that give bald heads a fuzzy look, and a shiny scalp can be an issue. It may mean that your hair follicles are so out of reach even Level Laser Therapy can’t help with hair growth. However, this doesn’t mean you’re dealing with permanent hair loss. 

Q: How often do I need to shave my bald head?

A: Most barbers recommend shaving your head every 3 to 4 weeks. But keep in mind that each person’s physiology is different. Some may grow hair faster than others. So take note of your hair growth, and adjust if necessary. Just make sure not to overdo it, as this can damage your scalp. 

Q: Do I need to exfoliate my bald head?

A: Exfoliating your scalp can soften your skin and hair, making shaving a lot easier. But don’t over-exfoliate, as it can damage your skin over time. I also recommend getting a reliable moisturizer with SPF to maximize protection. 

Final Words

Learning how to keep bald head from shining is as simple as addressing the oil your scalp produces. It’s straightforward, and with a bit of effort, you’ll be able to keep your bald head from shining in no time.

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