Antiperspirant Vs. Deodorant: What’s Best For You?

Do you smell something unusual in your body? Care to sniff your underarm? The human body is capable of producing a variety of odorants, which are chemicals that have a distinct smell. Many of them are necessary for normal body function in small amounts and therefore do not produce disagreeable scents. That is why markets have manufactured chemicals to enhance more the body scent and lessen the chance of sweating. (Antiperspirant and Deodorant)

However, in large concentrations, most of those are toxic. An excessive amount of these chemicals on the skin, on the other hand, can result in perceptible odors. In addition, it is a prevalent misperception that perspiration is the source of body odor.

In order to clarify this, we shall discuss the differences of the products responsible for treating these conditions: antiperspirant and deodorant.


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Antiperspirants are generally the first treatment option for hyperhidrosis or too much sweating regardless of the temperature. It is usually applied on the armpits, palms, feet, and, in some instances, the neck and face. They are referred to as the first therapeutic option since you can use them at any time.

✍️ How It Works

Upon application of antiperspirant, moisture in the armpit catches and breaks down the chemical particles, bringing them into the skin pores and producing shallow jelly-like plugs. Antiperspirants prove to be beneficial on the skin surface that is completely dry and clean, so it is advisable that you put them after showering.

When your body detects that sweat openings are clogged, a reflex action kicks in and prevents the sweat from flowing. Some antiperspirants can remain in the skin for at least a day before being flushed away by the body’s natural dissolving system. Aluminum-based antiperspirants are one type of antiperspirant that works in this manner.


Antiperspirant may indeed be beneficial to lessen your sweating, especially in the armpits. But there are cases that show antiperspirants bring threat to the human body. Antiperspirants are made from chemicals. And they work by attaching to the surface of your skin.

If you have sensitive skin and it’s your first time using chemical-based products like antiperspirant, better to consult a dermatologist. It is essential that you must be aware of the contents of some antiperspirants that do not suit your skin type. Better to opt out of those with parabens, fragrances that are synthetic, propylene glycol, and aluminum that is known to cause breast cancer when excessively absorbed in the body.



As its name suggests, deodorant’s primary purpose is to alter the foul odor that your body produces. Deodorants are classified as cosmetics since they are meant to provide a pleasant scent to the user’s body. Deodorants vary on different flavor scents like a fruity, manly scent, or after-shower fragrance. Remember that deodorants do not make you stop sweating. Deodorants are for odor purposes only and are sometimes combined with moisturizer or whitening purposes.

✍️ How It Works

In order for deodorants to be effective, they must first combat the bacteria that produces the unpleasant odor. Bacteria like to remain on the underarm because it provides sufficient nutrients such as fat, moisture, and protein. Therefore, when the foul smell is accompanied by unexplained itching, this may be a hint that the cause is bacterial in origin.


Ethanol is one of the contents of most of the deodorants in the market. This substance may cause your skin surface to dry out like any other type of alcohol. Itchy skin occurs when there is too much dryness in the skin, which can lead to sores. The body needs moisture, particularly in the underarm area, where there is a lot of friction as you move around. It also contains Triclosan, which is a pesticide ingredient. You don’t want to put chemicals intended for pests on your skin, right?

Another disadvantage of deodorants is that they leave a stain on your clothes. It may not be visible at this time, but it will gradually fade the color of your shirt over time. It also has a thick consistency, which means that it will adhere firmly to your clothing because it does not dry out quickly on your skin. Lastly, as to how antiperspirant affects health, deodorant does the same.


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Others may become anxious as a result of uncontrollable sweating, but keep in mind that moderate sweating is natural. Sweating contributes to ensuring that blood circulation is properly supplying our system by increasing our body temperature. It is also a method by which our skin releases some toxins, such as alcohol and waste materials, in order to assist our systems in detoxification.

In addition, it is possible to eliminate excess salt from the body through sweating; hence, our sweat has a salty taste. This can assist in reducing the likelihood of the formation of kidney stones.


Human sweat has a subtle odor that is almost undetectable. In the case of body odor, microorganisms on the skin are responsible for breaking down compounds in perspiration, which results in the production of the scent. Therefore, body odor is likely to experience, but it can have a negative impact on a person’s overall well-being.

When you are having stress, your body odor changes, which is very noticeable. Due to the fact that when a person is experiencing stress, the body produces more perspiration in reaction to the change in body temperature. As previously said, excessive moisture on the underarm can promote the growth of germs and bacteria as which results in a foul odor.


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🧼 Wearing of breathable garments

It is essential to let your underarm receive air. This will cool your skin and dry naturally. In addition, it is excellent to wear cotton shirts because they absorb sweat and are really comfortable than those made from synthetic threads.

🧼 Use antibacterial soap

Our body has its own bacteria called normal flora that is responsible for keeping the skin healthy and free from harmful bacteria. But, if there is already an unusual odor in your body, you can use antimicrobial soaps. However, be sure to use only mild soaps because harsh chemicals may irritate your skin. It is better to ask your dermatologist for some advice on what kind of soap best suits your condition.

🧼 Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is the natural way of cleansing our bodies. It is essential to drink water to replenish the water in your body after you sweat. Drinking also removes toxins in the body and makes your skin moist naturally by unclogging the pores of your skin.

🧼 Dry your clothes

It is important to stay dry all the time. If your shirt is damp because of sweat, change immediately to a dry shirt. Avoid wearing your unwashed garments, especially if you go outside. Our garments can quickly accumulate dirt that can be home to various microorganisms leading to body odor. Wash your clothes regularly and use antibacterial detergents that are not too harsh to damage your garments.

🧼 Healthy diet

Almost all body conditions are because of having a poor diet. That is why it is essential to be aware of what you eat because it will reflect on your body. Choose healthy meal plans like vegetables for healthy skin, fruits for hydration, herbs, pickles, and many more. Avoid munching too much garlic and onion because their odor does not only stay on your breath but also your overall body.

🧼 Consult a dermatologist

If all of the tips and home remedies do not work on you, it’s time to consult a dermatologist. Your derma will give you some facts about your body and will advise you on some products to treat your condition. Follow your derma’s regimen for optimum results. Treating excessive sweating and body odor is not an overnight procedure. It would help if you had a lot of patience and positivity to get better results.


To conclude, everybody is perspiring. Sweating is totally normal while you are participating in strenuous activities, going outside in the sun, or sitting in a warm place, for example. Body temperature is naturally controlled by sweating, which is the body’s natural manner of doing so. However, the foul odor that can occasionally accompany sweat can be pretty embarrassing for certain people.

A person’s body odor may be evident in parts of the body that do not even frequently have a covering by clothing, such as our feet. On the other hand, If there is a conjunction of elevated moisture and perspiration that gets trapped in the cloth, this can encourage bacterial proliferation. This can result in a foul stench emanating from the body.

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