Easy Way To Dye The Top Of The Hair – For Guys

Dying your own top hair may give you a brand-new style without the expense of a trip to the salon. At first, it may appear frightening. However, dying the top of the hair is straightforward once you know what you’re doing.

Males, like ladies, can experiment with hair colors. There are a variety of approaches that will make you feel at ease. Coloring your hair may boost your confidence and improve your appearance.

How can Men Color their Hair on Top?

A man with golden colored hair top and beard wearing a sweater

You’ve decided on a color. Whatever the case may be, dyeing your hair on your own typically involves the same stages. 

There are several types available, so carefully read the guidelines before you begin. Then, to minimize mistakes, follow the guidelines below.

✔️ Prepare your Hair Coloring Area

Determine that you have all you require in front of you. Work like a timer, wear gloves and make sure you have a decent working place. You can dye without a shirt. You don’t want to stain your clothes. 

At the very least, wear an old button-front shirt that you don’t have to lift over your head. Make certain that you have enough time to work. Rushing through the procedure will not make it appear any better.

✔️ Comb your Hair

Make certain that there are no knots in your hair. This procedure will make it easier to apply the color. However, it will also assist you in ensuring that your hair is uniformly colored.

✔️ Put your Gloves On

Gloves are usually sold with a coloring kit. If they don’t, you can just wear regular rubber gloves. When dying your hair, it is critical that you wear gloves. If you don’t, you’ll wind up with dyed hands as well.

✔️ Separate your Hair

To keep the parts separate, use big plastic salon clips. Separating your hair into these areas will guarantee that you don’t miss a single strand. It will also ensure that just the top of your hair is dyed. To protect your side hairs from the color, separate them.

✔️ Apply the Dye

To apply the color to your hair, use the applicator bottle or brush. Work the color into your hair with your gloved fingers. Start applying the dye. Work the color into your hair well. In order for you to color the top of your hair.

✔️ Wait

Set a timer for how long you want the color to stay in your hair. Follow the directions on the package. Do not rinse the color off before the stipulated amount of time has passed. 

Alternatively, let the color in for longer than the recommended period. Make careful to strictly adhere to the instructions. If you have a lot of grey hair, it’s better to keep the color in for as long as possible. Sitting beneath a warm dryer may also be beneficial.

✔️ Rinsing

You may rinse your hair with a shower or a sink. Rinse your hair with warm water to remove the coloring. Rinse your hair well until the water flows clean. 

Don’t be alarmed if you notice the color running in the shower. This is quite normal and does not indicate that you screwed up the dying procedure. Keep in mind that if the color is temporary, it will continue to flow with each wash until it is entirely removed.

✔️ Dry your Hair

Dry and style your hair as usual. You may either blow dry or air dry your hair. After your hair has dried, style it as usual. And flaunt your new hair color. 

If you are dissatisfied with your results, you should consult a hairstylist about color correction. It is also advisable to wait at least two weeks before coloring your hair again.

How to Care for Colored Hair at Home

A picture of someone pouring hair dye into hand

All you need are a few pointers to assist you to maintain your colored hair at home without spending a fortune. When you color your hair, you are enabling chemicals to enter your hair. As a result, they are prone to dryness, damage, and breaking. 

In addition, without proper upkeep, color-treated hair may quickly become lifeless and drab. We’ve compiled a list of quick and easy hair care techniques. So you can maintain your hair healthy and safe.

👍🏻 Invest in a Color Protectant Shampoo

It is critical to use the right shampoo. It plays an important part in preserving the brilliance of your hair color. When you do wash your hair, use a shampoo designed specifically for color-treated hair. It will preserve your hair as well as balance its natural PH. 

Color-safe shampoos will keep your hair color and prevent it from fading too rapidly. They also include nutrients that are moisturizing and nourishing. It will repair and rejuvenate your hair. Shampoos containing harsh chemicals should be avoided. They will remove your hair’s color and hydration.

👍🏻 Shampoo Less

If you wash your colored hair frequently, the dye will seep out and the color will fade. 

Washing your hair frequently also depletes it of its natural oils. It will be dry, drab, and lifeless. Wash your hair less frequently to avoid this. This will also keep the hair color vivid.

👍🏻 Use Dry Shampoo

Hygiene cannot be compromised. So, on days when you don’t have time to wash your hair, use a color-safe dry shampoo to absorb up the oil and debris. 

As well as product buildup from your hair. This will remove the filth and crud. This is done without robbing your hair of its color as a result of regular shampooing.

👍🏻 Use a Conditioner

You must apply a conditioner every time you shampoo your colored-treated hair. Check to see if the conditioner is likewise color-safe. These conditioners provide a barrier of protection on the hair strands. 

This aids in the closure of the cuticles and the retention of moisture. This gives your hair gloss, volume, and luster. As a result, it leaves your hair soft, healthy, and shiny.

👍🏻 Reduce your Exposure to Damp Air

Long showers and humidity should be avoided since wet air causes hair color to fade. While bathing, use a shower hat. Also, avoid getting your hair wet on a regular basis. Anti-humidity serums will keep your hair dry. Particularly during the wet season.

👍🏻 Keep a Healthy Diet

What you consume has a direct impact on the health of your hair. Also, how it seems. A good diet provides the energy that drives hair growth and shines. 

Iron and protein-rich foods nourish your scalp and hair by promoting the formation of strong keratin. The protein that strengthens your hair also enhances the texture of your hair. It also promotes hair growth.

👍🏻 Chlorine should be Avoided

The chlorine in swimming pools may darken and damage your hair. This is why it is essential to take preventative measures before going for a swim. Wear a swim hat at all times. 

This can keep water from coming into touch with your hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil to your hair to provide a barrier between the chlorine and your hair. Chlorine accumulates in your hair, causing it to turn yellow.

Top Hair Colors for Guys

A portrait of a young boy wearing a jacket and having light green hair color

🟢 Rainbow Hair Color

The rainbow-colored contemporary hairdo combo is most likely the most popular. When you’ve occupied the highest sections of your hair, you may blend three or four colors.

🟢 Deep Plum Men’s Hair Color

When fading out of natural tones, the odd men’s hair color ideas typically seem appealing. If you have black or dark brown hair, you can add deep plums to the top. Colorists with expertise will assist you in achieving the required harmonic transition.

🟢 Icy Blonde Hair Color

Silver-blonde hair may appear stunning. Regardless of whether you have a lighter or darker complexion. It is also appropriate for hair with a long top and a short side. 

Men with dark brown eyes are more appealing. The ice blonde features a long top and a short side. There’s also a perforated effect for a distinctive rock-and-roll style.

🟢 Copper Brown Hair Color

People with warm skin tones will look fantastic in this hue. The warm skin tone has olive or yellow undertones. If you have natural curls, this style is excellent for you. 

This hue can also be worn by those with straight hair. It will, however, benefit from a shorter, slightly chaotic style.

Hair Color Techniques for Dying Your Hair at Home

A Man with white hair top colored

❕ Selecting a Shade

To choose your ideal shade at the shop, look for those that are similar to your present one. Boxed dyes are often placed on a shelf in color sequence. To locate a close match, hold a part of your hair up to a box. Then, on either side, select one of the following two colors.

❕ Don’t Combine Colors

Combining numerous hair color hues is not recommended. Unless you’re a professional. No company would guarantee that the final color combination would be predictable. 

Even when you keep to a single hue, the end effect frequently differs significantly from what’s seen on the box. Your best chance is to stick to one color. And follow the directions to the letter, including the strand test.

Strand Test

Even though it is tempting to avoid it, the strand test is critical. Especially while attempting a fresh color a few hairs that have been clipped or disguised. 

Then, before you commit, have a look at the outcome. This is a regular horror story told by testers who did not do this. Their hair began to turn orange and purple.

❕ Protect your Skin

Nothing is more embarrassing than having visible color stripes on your skin. Even if you are only going to paint the top, it is still vital to preserve it. Apply a clear solid lip balm along your hairline to protect your skin from stains.

❕ Set your Tools

Prepare your tools on the counter before you begin. Go over the associated instructions. 

You’ll be able to follow the instructions more easily this way. And won’t have to stop in the middle of the procedure. This might result in blunders such as keeping the color on for too long or missing portions.

❕ Get Extra Gloves

To safeguard your hands while applying the dye, you put on the box’s plastic gloves. However, you must also wear them while washing the color out. 

Always keep an extra pair of disposable gloves on hand. This is to prevent the color from staining your skin when you rinse it off. If your originals have become too filthy to be used again.

❕ Dye on Dry Hair

Experts in hair coloring advise dying your hair while it is dry. The color may not work if the hair is wet with water. The color will not be absorbed or diluted by the hair strands. Resulting in an unfavorable outcome

❕ Use a Brush

It may be simple to squirt the color into your hair and distribute it. However, this procedure can be clumsy and inaccurate. 

Get yourself a dish and a brush. To mix and paint on the dye with the least amount of mess and the most equal coverage, employ the same method as salon colorists.

❕ Use a Shower Cap

Cover your head with a disposable shower hat. This is done to keep the dye from dropping while it is processing. Then you may relax and prepare dinner or watch a movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does dye damaged hair?

A: Hair colors can harm your hair. When feasible, use hair-friendly practices. Such as reducing heat styling and nourishing the hair can help reduce damage.

Q: Is it possible to apply hair dye on top of hair dye?

A: You cannot just color over a prior color without encountering issues. It is, however, considerably easier to color from a lighter to a deeper hue.

Q: Can I dye my hair again after three weeks?

A: It is preferable to wait 4-6 weeks before having another color treatment – in most situations, this is sufficient and decreases the danger of hair damage.

Q: Is it OK for men to color their hair?

A: Yes, males can color their hair, and much more do than you may think. There is no shame in dyeing your hair; it is, after all, a personal choice.

Q: How long does hair color designed specifically for men’s hair last?

A: It typically lasts 8 weeks. Again, it is entirely dependent on each man.

Final Thoughts

Dying your hair is a method to express oneself, especially for guys. There are a few things you should know before dying your hair at home. It is critical to understand these critical points in order to ensure a successful end. It’s also important to take care of your hair before you go bald.

We promise that after reading this post, you will be prepared with the required information. Learn what colors are beneficial for you and how to use methods to make the color linger longer.

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