Why Do My Balls Itch After Shaving? 5 Possible Explanations

Do you itch down there after your DIY manscaping? For those of you who haven’t tried shaving their balls, let me tell you this: it will be itchy as heck. It can last for a couple of days, and you’ll be tempted to scratch your crotch every time. But why do my balls itch after shaving? While this is a common occurrence, it’s important to understand why it happens in the first place.

Below, I discuss the reasons behind the intense itching and what you can do to address it.

Why do my balls itch after shaving?

Are you getting frustrated and helpless because of your itchy crotch? The following might be the reasons why:

🧔You didn’t perform ‘prep work’.

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The biggest grooming mistake you can ever make is gliding the clipper on your balls without doing preparatory work. This is guaranteed to result in itchiness, ingrown hairs, and even clipper burn.

Before you shave, it’s important to condition the skin first. You can do this by soaking your lower half in a tub of warm water. This will help soften the hairs and open the pores, making it easier for you to trim the hairs.

By doing this, you’re reducing the resistance between the hair and clipper. This will help reduce itching after you’re done grooming.

🧔You skipped aftercare.

Your job isn’t done once you’re finished trimming your balls. You have to follow shaving aftercare to prevent the rough hair tips from getting stiff and irritating your skin.

After shaving the ‘family jewels’, you should apply a hydrating lotion on the groomed areas. This will soften the hair tips while soothing the irritated skin.

I don’t recommend using an aftershave product on your balls. Unlike your face, your scrotum is more sensitive and can get irritated with a strong aftershave formula.

🧔You rushed the shaving.

Do you know the saying, “more haste, less speed”? This is true enough when shaving down there. Shaving your privates on a rush is a guaranteed way to have itchy balls for days.

Remember that the skin on your balls is very sensitive. While the ‘damage’ won’t show up instantly, you’ll surely feel it on your crotch in the coming days.

With this, you should glide the clipper slowly and stop once in a while. This will save your ball’s skin from excessive friction. Also, rushing can lead to clipper cuts. And boy, it hurts like an ant bite, except that the ants are from the dinosaur era.

No matter how busy you are, it’s important to dedicate enough time to manscaping. This applies not just to your privates but also your entire body.

🧔You have ingrown hairs.

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Another culprit to itchy balls after shaving is ingrown hairs. This is very common among men who shave their balls improperly. It literally feels like you have ‘ants on your pants’.

Ingrown hairs happen when a shaved hair strand grows back with the tip digging into the skin. Instead of sprouting out of your surface, ingrown hairs will bend and prick your hair follicles. This is extremely itchy and will become inflamed in a matter of time.

The solution? Doing prep work before shaving and moisturizing after will help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs on your balls.

🧔It’s general irritation.

Lastly, the itching is part of the general irritation you’ll suffer from when you’re new to shaving. Your ‘beanbags’ rub on each other all the time, so just imagine the rough hair tips pricking the skin. This will get more intense when you walk, sit with crossed legs, and do anything that will cause friction on your privates.

Proven ways to solve itchy balls after shaving

If you have an itchy problem on your balls, here are a few of my proven ways that will provide relief:

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  • Moisturize a lot. Whether it’s your balls, your chin, or your chest, you should always moisturize the groomed area after shaving. It’s best to use a body lotion since it’s gentler and unlikely to irritate your balls. Feel free to re-apply the lotion throughout the day.
  • Use white tea bags. If your balls get inflamed due to itchiness, you can use white tea bags to reduce the swelling. The tannin on the tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. It’s also best cooled on the fridge before putting on your balls for better inflammation reduction.
  • Wear loose clothing. Tight pants will cause your newly shaved balls to rub on each other. This will make the itch worse and unbearable. It’s best to wear loose clothing as you wait for the itchiness to abate naturally.
  • Apply a hydrocortisone cream. If lotions alone aren’t doing the job to reduce your ball’s itchiness, you can use a hydrocortisone cream instead. This product works well in easing inflammation, irritation, and itching. It’s best to stock up on this cream if your balls always suffer from itchiness due to shaving.
  • Use baby powder. If you’ve done everything and your balls are still itchy, you can try rubbing it with a small amount of baby powder. This will prevent moisture buildup, so there would be less friction and less rubbing.
  • Consult a dermatologist. If your ball’s itching isn’t going away and just getting worse, you should consider going to a dermatologist. The derm can advise about the best solution and what you should avoid on your next shave.

How to prevent getting itchy balls after shaving

The next time you shave your balls, it’s important to keep these points in mind:

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  • Don’t shave dry! Shaving your balls dry is your road to hell. You should never do this as the skin is rough as well as the hair. Again, you should perform preparatory work by soaking in a tub filled with warm water.
  • Trim long hairs. While clippers can be used on long hairs, it increases the risk of pulling if you do so. Instead, it’s best to use a pair of scissors to trim hairs short until there’s only about half an inch left. This will allow the clipper to glide smoothly to your balls.
  • Stretch the skin taut. When shaving your balls, you should pull the skin slightly taut. This will allow the clipper blade to reach the hairs close to the skin while preventing accidental cuts. You’ll also notice trimming to be faster if you do this.
  • Use a handheld mirror. Never trust your sense of touch when it comes to shaving your balls. You have to see what’s actually happening down there. A handheld mirror can save you from a lot of pain and itchiness.
  • Don’t use a dull blade. Shaving your balls with a dull razor is an accident waiting to happen. Dull razors are the leading cause of cuts and ingrown hairs. Ideally, you should change the blade of your razor after 5 to 10 shaves. Many razors are fitted with blades that can be resharpened, so you don’t have to spend on replacements.
  • Exfoliate before shaving. Another trick that works for me is exfoliating my balls before shaving. While your nuts are hidden in your pants, they still gather dead skin cells. So exfoliating these dead cells first will give you a smoother shave.
  • If possible, don’t shave your balls. The only guaranteed way to avoid itchy balls after shaving is not to shave them at all. I know it’s a bummer because a lot of ladies love baby-smooth nuts. It’s up to you what you prefer down there.

Frequently Asked Questions      

Q: Will jock itch go away on its own?

A: Jock itch rarely goes away on its own. It requires proper treatment to prevent the condition from worsening. Nevertheless, jock itch isn’t a severe infection, but it can cause extreme discomfort for long periods.

Q: Is it normal for your balls to itch during puberty?

A: Puberty can bring a lot of changes to a man’s body. This includes itching on the groin area as the balls and testicles grow. It can also be due to the escalated growth of pubic hair, which can irritate the skin. All of these are usually normal unless accompanied by other symptoms.

Q: How long does an itch last after shaving?

A: Itchiness due to shaving can last for up to three days. Take note that this itching can also lead to redness and mild inflammation of the skin. If you have razor burns, such a problem will usually go away on its own without special treatment.

Q: Does trimming pubes cause itching on my balls?

A: Trimming the pubic hair close to the skin can cause itching, especially it’s done on the crotch area. Also, using dull razors and shaving too fast will increase the risk of itchiness after grooming. Your skin condition before shaving may also aggravate the itching.

Q: Should I stop shaving if it makes my balls itch?

A: Regular shaving can somehow reduce the itching your balls may feel after grooming. However, it depends on how sensitive your skin gets. If your balls become itchier after every shave, it might be best to consult a dermatologist to get to the root of the problem.

Q: Do ladies prefer shaved balls?

A: There’s no absolute answer to this as every woman is different. If you’re worried about your partner’s preference, you can ask her about it. Asking ahead will save you from embarrassment later on.

Final words

Why do my balls itch after shaving? It’s a common problem, which some men refer to as having ‘ants in their pants’. Itchiness occurs because the rough tips of the newly cut hair prick the skin of your balls. This usually goes away after a few days once the hair grows back. Still, there are ways to soothe the discomfort on your privates.

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