Beards – Do Women Find them Appealing?

The beard is a complicated topic in the realm of male grooming customs. It has always been a symbol of fierce, macho pride. Not only that, but it has also become a popular fashion item. 

The primary subject is whether or not women enjoy beards. Of course, it’s not as easy as yes or no, since a beard is never simply a beard. According to scientists, it may be a symbol of alpha male power, social standing, and a method of conveying seductive messages to potential partners. 

Beards, Attractive or Not?

A bearded man holding his eyeglass by one hand

According to a new study, women think males with facial hair are more beautiful and physically and socially influential. In addition, more masculine looks are associated with physical strength in women.

It might also signify a man with a healthy immune system. The researchers hypothesized that their findings favoring bearded males might be attributed to facial hair accentuating a man’s manly facial characteristics. This might communicate immediate advantages to women, such as resources and protection, which would increase the chances of survival for moms and their infants.

The authors of this study note previous research that demonstrated that growing a beard made men feel more manly and increased blood testosterone levels, associated with a higher level of social dominance. They also had more traditional gender roles in their relationships with women than males with clean-shaven faces.

Amazing Advantages of Having a Beard

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Beards have grown in popularity among men all around the world. They are used to create a personal statement and to help develop an individual’s style. Fortunately for guys who adore their beards and women who prefer men who love their beards, this is good news, there are more reasons to have a beard than just for fashion.

✔️Disrupts Direct Sunlight Exposure

If you want to prevent the sun’s UV rays from causing long-term harm to your skin, try growing a beard. Beards not only save your skin from getting burned, but they also keep your skin from developing cancer. If you’d prefer not to have to bother about putting sunscreen on your face every morning, a beard will suffice. It will add an extra layer of protection to your face.

✔️Lessen Acne

If you have a beard, the odds are that you have soft skin behind your facial hair. So, if you’ve been made to deal with breakouts more often than you’d like, developing your beard out might aid. In addition, when you have a beard, you won’t strip your face as frequently, which protects your skin from microorganisms and causes it to dry up. 

This will assist to decrease any breakouts you may have. If acne does appear on your face, your beard will conceal it.

✔️Reduces the Effects Of Aging

Many people will tell you that if you develop a beard, you appear mature than you are. Beards make guys appear more cultured and distinguished. When you shave them off, it can also aid you in reducing the aging process and make you seem much more youthful than you are. And because facial hair protects your face from harmful impurities and having a beard reduces the number of breakouts and blemishes on your skin, it will be healthier for longer.

✔️Assists Your Skin in Preserving Moisture

Allowing your beard to grow might help keep your facial skin from drying out. Your beard will confine oil upon your skin, keeping it hydrated. Shaving loosens up your vesicles and can produce wounds on your face, which will dehydrate your skin over time. You will still require to moisturize your entire face. You don’t have to moisturize it as frequently as you do today when you have a beard.

✔️Bacterial Infections Are Restricted

If you have a beard, the follicles in your skin are naturally shielded against germs that may enter and create an illness. Shaving opens those ports, allowing all of that germs to infiltrate. Those gateways are blocked when you grow a beard. Beards are very handy for people who operate in dusty environments daily. By developing and maintaining a beard, you will enable far less dust to enter your body.

✔️Keeps you Warm

Are you the sort of person that gets cold every time you go outside in the winter? You may alter that starting now by developing a beard and allowing it to keep you cozy throughout the winter. You must use caution while revealing your whiskers to snow. These substances may accumulate in your beard, causing you to be cooler than you would without a beard. 

But as long as you can do that, you can keep warm in the cold with a beard. 

✔️Improves Your Self-Confidence

Research performed a few years ago discovered that men with beards report feeling more beautiful and confident due to them. It appears that the simple process of growing a beard might boost how a man thinks about himself in general. Men may also feel better about themselves by cutting and grooming their beards in whichever way they like.

Growing a Genuinely Magnificent Beard

A close shot of a man with golden colored beard and hair

Maintaining your beard needs a few simple techniques that you’re probably already acquainted with. You’ll be ok if you treat your beard with the same love you’d offer your hair on your head.

➖First Step

You should thoroughly clean your beard. Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent beard-specific shampoos on the market that employ certain botanicals to soften the hair and protect it from drying out. Just make sure that anything you use smells good and does its job cleaning it because it will be right next to your nose.

➖Second Step

Keeping your beard soft is essential if you don’t want to shave it completely off. A scratchy beard will be irritating, so apply a beard conditioner to avoid this. In addition, a good conditioner will keep your beard moisturized and healthy, which are two crucial components in maintaining face comfort. 

A conditioner also works essentially like a styling gel, so you can keep that it subdued.

➖Third Step

While a conditioner helps moisten your beard, decent beard oil will modify it even more while preventing beard dandruff. And maybe the crowning achievement of good beard oil is that it makes your beard smell fantastic. 

➖Fourth Step

Beards can get dirty. While bathing is vital, an antibacterial beard balm is an excellent supplement. Something that softens further while also killing all of the tiny microscopic organisms wanting to set up business there.

➖Fifth Step

Comb your beard with a beard brush every day to keep it from becoming tangled and unmanageable. It will also aid in the distribution of the beard oil you’re using to maintain your beard as healthy as possible.

➖Sixth Step

The third aspect of beard upkeep is trimming it regularly. Beard hair doesn’t always develop equally, and as it grows out, you’ll need to shape it here and there. This is best done using a high-quality beard trimmer that comes with various attachments to prevent you from accidentally cutting off huge bald regions if your hand slips.

Things That Makes a Man Desirable to a Woman

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When people find someone beautiful, the latter may find it simpler to locate a companion. Similarly, when people do not find someone physically appealing, it may be far more difficult for them to locate a partner for short-term or long-term partnerships. For any relationship to function, both parties must accept each other for who they are.

According to psychology and biological research, there are various characteristics that women find visually appealing in males. The following attributes were linked to attractiveness and are likely to be seen as appealing by most individuals.

❕ Men’s Facial Hair

Although some guys prefer not to have facial hair because it is challenging to keep trimmed and irritating, cross-cultural studies have revealed that many prefer males with facial hair. This is based on research on evolution and human behavior conducted across cultures. The findings revealed that males with well-kept facial hair were more mature and had better physical attractiveness ratings.

❕ Men’s Body Hair

Some women appreciate males with little body hair. Body hair can be interpreted as a sign of maturity and reproductive success, either consciously or subconsciously. This contributes to a potential mate’s overall physical beauty or sexual attractiveness.

❕ Men Who are Fit

Women may detect well-developed calf muscles and a favorable hip ratio. However, researchers at a university believe that women’s attraction to males with toned muscles and other physical activity indicators may have originated with ancestors. This is because the struggles that primitive people endured may have necessitated physical strength rather than a perfected skill or social connection. 

The hip ratio, which shows a person’s ability to reproduce, may also have an impact.

❕ Men Who Have a Great Smell

Everyone greatly values a pleasant smell. Some males have a wonderful innate aroma, and psychological and biological studies show that this is an incredible attraction for women. However, in some circumstances, colognes and other scents might heighten someone’s curiosity. Body odor provides a wealth of information to both men and women. 

This can assist individuals in selecting a spouse who will have higher reproductive success and help pass on superior genes to the next generation of humans.

❕ Men with Great Hair

Some women want a man with nice hair. Although some females prefer bald or shaved heads, others prefer a man with excellent, well-maintained hair. If you have healthy hair, keep it that way by practicing proper hygiene and using appropriate hair treatments for your hair.

❕ Men with Confidence

Some women find self-assured guys physically appealing. In such instances, if you believe in yourself, you are far more likely to appear physically beautiful to the ladies with whom you interact. Conversely, being demure, hesitant, or weak in some manner will not make you physically beautiful. 

Being self-assured, regardless of your other personality or physical characteristics, may undoubtedly assist. For example, some of the other participants thought that guys who felt more physically beautiful were more physically appealing. This demonstrates that believing in yourself may motivate others to believe in you.

❕ Men who have Integrity

Many people find a man with integrity to be physically beautiful because he is willing to tell the truth regardless of the circumstances and is honest even in tough times. The public frequently dislikes those who lie. Integrity is vital because if you are honest and have integrity, you are far less likely to cheat on someone and are more likely to remain faithful and respectful.

❕ Men who are a Good Story Teller

Some ladies find the ability to deliver a good narrative appealing. Some people enjoy it when others get engaged in sharing a narrative about something they did. Being a good storyteller might indicate that you have strong communication abilities. 

This is because a man being a good communicator is a skill that can undoubtedly aid any relationship and is highly appealing to most people.

❕ Men who are Funny

Women like a man who can give them a smile while also giving them a laugh. Individuals usually view males with a good sense of humor as significantly more physically appealing than those who do not laugh frequently. This is why some men believe that men who tell many jokes and hilarious tales are far more physically beautiful than those who don’t.

❕ Men who are Smart

Many women find intelligence appealing. Suppose you are concerned about seeming intellectual, attempt to be yourself while actively keeping appropriate knowledge of your surroundings and life in general. You don’t have to work extra hard to be intellectual for a woman to like you. 

Still, you may need to appear intelligent in their eyes and be able to hold an intriguing and equitable discourse. The more odd facts you know, the more physically appealing you may potentially be.

❕ Men who Show Enthusiasm

When a guy has a strong interest in anything, it might pique the interest of a woman. Passion is frequently ranked as the most significant or appealing personality quality by some. Therefore, individuals are drawn to males who have a strong interest in anything passionate about. 

So, don’t be frightened or hesitant to share your interests in your online dating profile or during a first date chat.

❕ Men with Work Ethic

Women want to know that they are looking for a man who can provide for them. Although people should care for themselves, some want to be cared for by a guy. Many women are drawn to people of high social standing. 

In today’s environment, this high status is frequently linked to a person’s position at work or the amount of money they make. This is also true in terms of personal money. While this may appear to be an external signal, it may occasionally be interpreted as a sign of a strong work ethic.

❕ Men who are a Gentleman

Being a gentleman entails more than just opening doors and removing seats. Being a gentleman also entails using basic etiquette, such as saying please and thank you and being generally respectful. In addition, flowers or chocolates for your date might go a long way toward increasing your attractiveness to them.

❕ Men with a Feminine Side

When males do things that aren’t typically masculine, some women find them physically appealing. As a result, displaying a feminine side might be beneficial for some since others may find it beautiful. Conversely, some women find traditionally feminine traits appealing in exceptionally physically handsome males if it signifies that they are secure enough in their sexuality to reveal their genuine preferences.

❕ Men who Like Music

Some women find guys who are passionate about music to be physically appealing. Even if the other person does not share your musical tastes and does not enjoy the music you play for them, the fact that you have a broad musical taste may suffice to make you physically attracted to them in some situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do beards make you appear hotter?

A: According to the survey findings, women find thick stubble to be the most appealing. The ideal beard is one with a thick stubble or a full beard, according to the males.

Q: What type of beard do females prefer?

A: Women want thick stubble. Specifically, the growth that corresponds to around ten days of not shaving.

Q: Why are beards more appealing?

A: Women are drawn to guys with beards because they represent masculinity. Men with full beards, powerful jawlines, and cheekbones were rated the most appealing for short and long-term relationships.

Q: Is it true that bald men look better with beards?

A: A man with a bald head and a beard seem younger than a man with a shaven head. It has a particular allure that attracts ladies.

Q: Do women care about chest hair?

A: Women are not as picky as you would imagine in this area. Many women may like the bare-chested look, but I believe ladies find a little chest hair rather macho and quite appealing.

Final Thoughts

A beard is not just a fashionable facial ornament; it is also a life-saving device. With all of the wellness advantages that beards provide, it’s surprising that more guys don’t grow beards. So when someone tells you that your beard has to be shaved, simply note that your beard gives you a richer life and better skin. 

Of course, what appeals to one woman may not appeal to another. Beauty is subjective; the most important thing is that you feel confident in yourself, and the appropriate person will find you.

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