Regular Scissors: Good Or Bad For Your Hair?

Do you always pick your hair as your way of releasing boredom? Our hair is always the victim of bored hands. Once you select a pair of scissors, there is no turning back. But the question is, do you have the proper tools for styling your hair? Or you just pick whatever you saw on your countertop? In this article, we will discuss if using regular scissors is healthy for your hair. So, if you like doing it yourself, this may be a realization before damaging your crown.

Regular Vs. Hair Scissors

A hand holding a normal hair scissors

If you want to have a change of appearance and want to target your hair, do not just grab any scissors you saw on your house. Kitchen shears are for kitchen purposes, gardening scissors are for plants, and your hair also has a unique scissor that you must use to avoid damage.

✂️ Normal scissors

Regular scissors are conventional tools not made for hair. These scissors may damage your hair because they have thicker blades than hair scissors. You may use them either for gardening, handicrafts, house repair, and many more.

To clarify this comparison, using regular scissors can still cut hair BUT can cause damage. Regular scissors have rough blades that may only pull your hair apart. This can cause split-ends primarily if you use regular scissors that are not sharp enough. Regular scissors also have space between the blades, which explains why they only pull and twist our hair. Finally, most scissors have a straight edge that is not ideal for the hair. Using straight scissors will traumatize the hair and will look like it went in an electric shock after the cut.

✂️ Hair scissors

Hair scissor is a significant instrument not only for all expert stylists but also for individuals who love to style and cut their hair at home. There are various designs, and each of these may be used for different purposes in a certain way, like hair scissors for trimming or thinning. They may appear identical to the conventional ones, but you may notice slight changes when it comes to the thickness of blades and the form of the edges.

Hair scissors are also designed for a better finger grip. This is in relation to the hand positioning when cutting the hair. Choosing the right grip will avoid you having soreness or numbness, especially if you are a hairstylist that holds scissors for an extended period. Different lengths are also available used depending on the purpose like layering, trimming, and texturing.

Types Of Hair Scissors

Markus Winkler golden color hair scissor
Photo credits: Short blade

Short blade scissors are helpful for most haircut methods and precise hairstyling. They are also a huge aid for somebody with little hands since you can manage the harshness during hair cutting.

Long blade

A long blade is used if you want to cut your hair at once. You can see it more in barbershops or those stylists with large hands. It is excellent to use it if you have big hands because you can place your fingers correctly on the handle if given the appropriate technique. The negative of these scissors is their weight since they can create tension, and it is not suggested for tiny hands to operate them.

Texturizing scissor

These feature a solid resemblance to regular scissors, but the other blade includes teeth-like that grasp the hair. This is a really essential tool. However, it may cause a haircut nightmare if not handled appropriately. So amateurs must learn first or avoid using it definitely for your first try on natural hair. Texturizing scissors aren’t ideal in reducing hair length, and you cannot use it for any purposes. It would help if you only used it when you have to lower the haircut volume or equalize the trim.

Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors also feature teeth like the texturizing shears. The only variation is the size and spacing of the teeth. As its name implies, thinning scissor has narrow spaces in between the tooth that has a role to separate hair strands. This is usually a tool for experts because its blades are for quick hand motions.

Swivel scissors

Swivel scissors have a special design that focuses on the fingers and not on the hair. This is a particular type of scissors that is suitable for a person who has a strain injury. It has the name “swivel” because of the part where your place the thumb. This part rotates to accommodate different angle movements when cutting hair. One thing that affects the performance of a hairstylist is that their thumb is in a tricky position where it is trapped in the handle. So, using this swivel scissor needs a lot of patience before you can be fluent in using it.

How To Style Your Hair At Home

The most noticeable thing you must do is select the appropriate pair of scissors. Instead of using your kitchen shears, put the money in hair scissors, especially if you want to cut and style your hair on a regular basis.

Make some sections.

Using lines to divide your hair can help you balance the length and volume of your hair. This will also keep you from cutting more than you want. Hair sectioning is also an excellent method for achieving a neat trim.

Do not cut your hair while it’s wet.

Always keep your hair dry whenever you plan to cut it. This is because our hair tends to look long when it is wet, so we cut more, but it will shrink after drying, which can be a nightmare for everyone.

Do not cut aggressively.

It is crucial to cut little by little before achieving your length goal. Cutting your hair at one time can make you regret especially if you cut too much. So, cut in different stages. This also will avoid shock and trauma within your hair strands.

Cut vertically.

One technique to avoid split ends after cutting is to hold your scissors vertically. Especially for long-hair guys, having split ends is a big turn-off. Horizontal cutting can also make your hair thicker because it creates volume at the tip of your hair.

Ask for help.

The best way to cut your hair is to call a professional. There are available home services to style your hair if you do not want to go outside your home. This will ensure that your hair is in good hands. Do not experiment with your hair with different tools and chemicals because you can’t turn back the time after the damage to your hair.

Bottom Line

Considering the many types of shears for your hair will allow you to select the best one for your hairstyling task. Aside from learning the many sorts of scissors for cutting your hair, you must know how to choose an appropriate pair. You must examine the material used, the size, the handle, the adjustable screw, and the reason for which you are cutting your hair.

Concentrate on trimming your hair rather than attempting to totally restyle it, especially if this is your first time doing so. It’s also a good idea to utilize as many mirrors as possible to get a better perspective from different angles. Examine your hair type as well. For example, curly hair requires a different technique to cutting than straight hair. So, in order to achieve your desired hair outcomes, it is still preferable to leave the task to the professionals.

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