What To Do With Sideburns?

Do you love styling your hair? Do you know that you can style not only the hair in your crown but also your sideburns? Styling your sideburns depends on the shape of your face, specifically your jawline. This is also a way to attract women because sideburns are easily recognizable, especially if they match your beard style. You can make your sideburns look natural by maintaining their growth direction or cutting them intentionally. To know more about how to trim and style your sideburns, continue reading this post.


Sideburns the hair extended to the front of your ear sometimes can grow in line with a beard. One of the primary functions of sideburns is to assist define your jawline while also creating a smooth hair flow from your beard to your hair on top. Sideburns are most commonly prominent during the time of puberty. The lengths, which vary depending on the thickness and pattern of the sideburns, can also help to make the face thinner at a certain angle. Longer sideburns can help balance out the narrowest area of the face by providing facial dimension bringing attention to the jawline, which became narrow.


A man with the 1800s sideburns style
Photo credits: 🗓️ The 1800s

Facial hair rapidly rose to prominence as a sign of male sexuality and authority. One of the most common styles was voluminous beards with a clean chin, which was quite popular and called window chin. Others who did not want to go for the sideburn appearance instead opted to maintain their beards along their jaw and shave their whiskers rather.

🗓️ The 1900s

During World War I, men began shaping their sideburns into mustaches since it was hard to put on protective clothing like gas masks while wearing a full beard. However, from the middle of the 1900s until its end, a variety of styles emerged. Styles such as the pencil cut, toothbrush style, and handlebar are examples of this.

🗓️ The 2000s

The untidy appearance of sideburns and beards became increasingly fashionable at the turn of the early 2000s. A five o’clock shadow or a smattering of stubble was thought to be appealing, and you can see famous actors wearing this style. While other men still like to have a full beard that has been professionally trimmed and styled, clean sideburn and stubble are still popular aesthetic options.


An old man with clean shave wearing black eyeglass

Recognizing the shape of your face might allow you to experiment with different degrees of detail of your face. You’ll be able to tell which feature of your face needs to be highlighted. Once you understand the shape of your face, you’ll be able to determine which portions of your face will need a bit more attention in order to make you appear more attractive.

✂️ Oval shape face

Sideburns that at around the middle of the ear are extremely attractive on an oval facial shape. Longer styles for people with an oval face may draw attention if you want to have a pointy chin. Keeping your sideburns a little shorter will help to draw attention to other parts of your face.

✂️ Triangle face

Sideburn for a triangular-shaped face can grow, either way, based on the width of your lower face. To a certain extent, a shorter cut will help to balance the broad chin part of your face. For those with notable chunkiness in the jawline, however, keeping them a little longer will aid in narrowing the area. When in doubt, this is an excellent face shape to flaunt a full beard or some lovely whiskers if you’re not sure what you want.

✂️ Square face

Longer sideburns will be most effective on a square facial shape. The longer sideburn will not only tend to shrink the contour of your face but will also aid in balancing out a firm jawline. Here, a good guideline is to choose a long hairstyle to reach the base of your ear. This will surely help contour your face, especially your jaw.

✂️ Round and diamond face

If you have a round face, keeping a longer sideburn will not only work to provide intensity to make the roundness firmer, but it will also contribute to making your cheeks appear more prolonged, so emphasizing your jawline. While wearing sideburns on a diamond shape face, mid-length sideburns that end just above the half of your ear seem to fit best with this face type. Once again, a thick beard can serve to lower the jawline and conceal a prominent chin on this face shape, which is particularly attractive.


Always keep a sideburn unless you’re completely bald. When trying to trim your sideburn, never go past the halfway of the ear. Select a sideburn style that is complementary to your facial shape and haircut. Make sure the width and length are natural-looking. It is unnecessary to use both of your ears as a benchmark because our ears are not always symmetrical. If you are trimming, always start cautiously and begin with the longer one to continuously align them up later on. It is preferable to trim your sideburns at an edge to suit your jawline rather than just cutting them in the middle. Keep in mind that sideburn gives priority to the form of your jawline, which is why you may find it on almost everyone’s face.


Face hair can grow at a different case for all of us, so there is a chance that it may take a while longer for it to reach the appropriate length you desire. To acquire the length you want, try styling your beard first and then shaving the unwanted facial hair to make a line going to your sideburn. Exfoliation and proper hygiene are also the best methods to maintain your sideburns.

Sideburns are generally at their finest when they are cut up to mid-ear. Having said that, the length of one’s sideburns is highly dependent on the way one styles their hair. No matter how long they are, sideburns must always be somewhat angular rather than square. Regular trimming of sideburns is recommended to prevent them from becoming puffy, whether after every haircut or during haircuts. Ask your styler or barber to trim them for you if you don’t know where to start, and avoid having to do it yourself at home and risk ruining them.

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