How to Make Beard Softer and Straighter? Amazing Hacks!

Every man’s facial hair is unique in terms of texture and type. Although having a great beard can be incredibly attractive but keeping one is not an easy chore. Furthermore, before achieving a well-groomed and neat beard you should first know how to make beard softer and straighter.

Like a standard straightener, a beard straightener uses heat and a brush to fix unruly beard hair, resulting in a smoother and finished appearance. A beard straightener is a preferable option to endeavor with oils and balms for individuals with a coarse, curly, or frizzy beard. If you’re reasoning about buying this valuable equipment, there are certain circumstances you should understand.

Benefits of Beard Straightener

How to Make Beard Softer and Straighter

πŸͺ’ Good beard shape

It’s pretty tough to clip your facial hair properly and consistently if it’s too curly. However, if you straighten your hair before trimming it, you’ll be able to determine the exact length of your beard and cut it evenly on both sides.

πŸͺ’ Convenient choice

A beard straightener is quite simple to utilize. The self-care device is self-contained and can be operated without the assistance of another person. As a result, it’s a convenient alternative that allows you to style your beard whatever you want, whenever you want. It also eliminates the stress of rushing to the salon at the last minute.

πŸͺ’ Secure alternative

To fix frizzy facial hair and curly hair, many men use chemical products. Such alternatives not only produce inferior outcomes but also harm the skin and hair follicles. A beard straightener is an excellent safer option because it does not harm the skin of the face or the roots of the hair.

πŸͺ’ Beard look longer

Women commonly use hair straighteners to remove all curls and frizz from their hair, making it look smoother and more extended. Thankfully, beard straighteners allow men to employ the same method and display their long beards instantly. A beard straightener is one of the essential beard grooming equipment for men for this reason alone.

πŸͺ’ Doubles as a hair straightener

The last and most intriguing advantage of purchasing a beard straightener is that it may as well be used to straighten hair. A brush is not included with many hair straighteners on the market. Hence, they improve the possibility of hair on the head being burned. Frizzy and curly hair can be easily restyled into soft and straight hair using a beard straightening brush. You and your friends will profit from this while looking well-groomed.

πŸͺ’ Saves time and money

It is not constantly possible to visit a salon to get your facial hair straightener. This is not only a straightener, and you can achieve a perfectly groomed and polished look in minutes. It is consistently available to you, and you may enjoy the freedom of styling and maintaining your beard whenever you like.

Why Isn’t Your Beard Already Soft?

How to Make Beard Softer and Straighter

To keep soft, hair must grow healthy and be well managed, so many factors go into developing your beard hair, from nourishment and protection to temperature and moisture levels.

However, in our experience, five very prevalent issues are most likely to be the source of your beard’s brittleness:

❗Inadequate Beard Care

The number one thing that makes your beard too rough is not keeping it clean and healthy, whether it’s because you’re not using the right products, don’t have a routine, or don’t understand what you need to do to keep it healthy.

Consider this, you’re constantly touching your beard, and it’s undoubtedly getting splattered with dust, food, and other debris during the day. This stuff will make it unclean, oily, and ultimately unhealthy if you don’t wash it correctly.


It may seem self-evident, but facial hair that lacks moisture becomes dry, scratchy and prone to breakage. Your skin now produces natural oils to maintain your face hydrated and your beard neat. However, many men rob their beards of moisture by ‘cleaning’ them with soaps or hair washes.

As a result, your beard lacks the moisture it requires to survive, and as a result, it becomes fuzzy, unhealthy, and hardens.

❗The split ends

Hair is usually quite soft when it first develops since it hasn’t been subjected to severe weather, improper treatment, or moisture is taken. Many men, however, endure split ends in their facial hair after it has grown out – frequently without even recognizing it!

When the defensive layer of a cuticle at the end of your hair is ruined, it makes the hair look ragged and worn, and the layers beneath it endure as well. Split ends can be caused by various factors, including a lack of proper nourishment or a beard trimmer that isn’t sharp enough.

The essential thing is that facial hair must be preserved fresh. Soft beards are healthy beards, and if you genuinely need to soften your beard, you must concentrate on growing and keeping healthier hair in general.

❗Hard Water

You might be having trouble growing a soft beard if you’ve been cleaning your beard with hard water. Hard water has a higher mineral content, so rinsing your beard with it will cause it to get knotted and rough.

Hard water also prevents cleaning products from working correctly. If you have a complicated water problem, make sure you clean your beard with soft water.


It’s not a good idea to expose your beard to any harsh weather, whether it’s heat, humidity, or frigid temperatures. Your skin will grow dry and brittle due to the extreme conditions, making it look and feel worse than before.

It’s inconvenient to move around with a dry beard. Aside from that, excessive heat or cold can cause dandruff. To avoid this, keep your beard moisturized. If you’re styling with a hairdryer, make sure to use the lowest heat setting feasible.

Some people even use a straightener to straighten their beards. There are, however, several techniques to style your beard without using the heat of a straightener.

10 Beard Softening Techniques

βœ… Make use of beard shampoo

Washing your beard is necessary – not just to make your stubble softer but also to maintain basic hygiene!

By removing dirt from your beard, you can keep it healthy. On the other hand, men frequently overlook the existence of specialist beard shampoo, which is considerably more beneficial for their beard than regular soap or shampoo. If you use it daily – even for a week – you’ll notice a difference in your beard’s smoothness, as well as its entire health and beauty.

Pro tip: When searching for a beard wash, seek one that contains a lot of natural essential oils since this will assist your beard in retaining moisture.

βœ… Apply beard oil and conditioner

When you clean your beard, you risk drying out due to the hard water or the rough towel. Applying beard oil or conditioner twice a day penetrates the hair and softens it with vitamins and nutrients is a good idea.

As a result, the hair relaxes, seems healthier, and is easier to style. Your skin will be less irritated by the hair. Whether you use beard oil or lotion or any conditioning cream lotion is ultimately up to you.

Both can have powerful impacts, and there are excellent versions of both available. Whatever you select, ensure to gently massage it into your beard while also rubbing it into the skin under your beard.

Never apply beard oil to wet hair. It will not absorb correctly and spread evenly on your face.

βœ… Apply beard balm to your beard

Beard balm is mainly used as a styling product, allowing you to have more control over the shape of your beard. However, they’re packed with healthy nutrients that soothe hair and skin while protecting it from the weather.

Many guys think of oil orconditioner and balm as either/or options, but the fact is that you can use them together nicely, and you’ll likely get the best outcome if you do!

Pro tip: There are a lot of wonderful beard balms on the market, but you’ll probably need a solid round-up review to figure out which one is best for you.

βœ… Properly comb and brush it

Brushing your beard every day helps maintain your hair bright and serves as an excellent spot control for any stiff or stray hairs that might be removed.

Your hair will start to grow more healthily if you get into the habit of keeping it in check this manner. Furthermore, combing your beard will aid in distributing natural oil across your beard, making it smoother.

Pro tip: Don’t brush it too hard or dry hair out because this will dehydrate it and cause it to stiffen.

βœ… Maintain a trim appearance

As previously said, unhealthy, worn-out hairs will always be there. What matters is that you should trim it as soon as you can. That includes keeping your beard in good shape and adequately trimming it regularly.

While this won’t make the hair softer in and of itself, it will help keep the beard healthy by preventing short hairs from crowding out the softer ones. It will also help you avoid broken ends and make your beard seem better overall.

Cutting will be easier, faster, and more enjoyable if you have top-quality scissors.

βœ… Make an attempt at-home remedies

There are numerous home cures, and to be honest, their effectiveness varies greatly. Applying olive oil on your beard, on the other hand, appears to work:

It doesn’t take much – just a couple of tablespoons massaged into the beard works wonders. It’s understandable, olive oil has excellent moisturizing effects and also encourages better growth. If you like, you can even keep it on overnight.

Pro tip: To avoid harshness, be sure to wash it off gently with lukewarm water.

βœ… Coconut oil

Coconut oil, which has an equal impact to olive oil, is another option. It will speed up and smooth the growth of your facial hair! Try rubbing a spoonful of coconut oil immediately on your face once it has melted. Begin with your brow and work a long way off down to your face.

Your strokes should be in the shape of your desired beard. You can further take a variety of supplements and vitamins to help soften your beard!

βœ… Make changes to your diet and exercise routine

As should be evident by now, the secret to a soft beard is to keep it healthy. And there’s no better solution to boost your hair’s health than making a lifestyle change. Biotin (often termed as Vitamin B7 since it’s so vital for hair growth) is one of the nutrients that can assist your hair to grow fuller, tough, quickly, and most significantly, healthier.

You can obtain it by increasing your intake of eggs, nuts, red meat, and seeds in your diet, or you can take a daily biotin supplement to give yourself a boost. You must not only consume the proper nutrition, but you must also maintain a healthy body. As bizarre as it may seem, exercise can aid in developing healthier, smoother facial hair!

Set specific, attainable goals for yourself β€” this will help you make health a habit.

βœ… Use Aloe vera gel

If you enjoy using natural therapies, you’ll be astonished at how well aloe vera works for softening your beard.

Aloe vera reduces dandruff from beards, which is the cause of poor beard quality. Buy aloe vera gel and apply it to your beard under the instructions. To achieve persistent softness, repeat the method twice a day. Aloe vera is also free of adverse effects and does not affect facial hair.

βœ… Mix honey and lemon juice

One of the best natural components for your beard is honey. This substance promotes facial hair growth while also smoothing the texture. Make sure you add lemon juice to the sugar for optimum results. Remove the sugar from your beard entirely with cool water.

βœ… Purchase a beard wash

Guarantee to use a moisturizing cleanser if you are beard-obsessed. While you’re cleaning your beard, it’ll condition your hair and moisturize each strand of hair in your beard. Excess oil, filth, and dirt can also be removed with a beard wash.

A beard wash gives your beard the much-needed deep cleaning. You can wash your whiskers and eliminate things that aren’t included in your beard with a beard wash.

If you choose a bar of soap over a liquid, choose moisturizing and developed for soft beards. This prevents the hair from drying out. Harsh soaps can destroy the consistency of your beard and make it tough to maintain.

βœ… Invest in a Mustache Wax

Your mustache and beard should be in sync for a pleasant appearance. Mustache wax can be exploited to maintain your mustache in great shape. Because your mustache will get closer to your mouth, you should take particular care with it.

If you’re going to apply something on your top lip, be sure it’s not too abrasive. Always use a high-quality product to avoid allergic reactions. These products are similar to beard balms in that they maintain facial hairs in place. The components, on the other hand, are often gentler, reducing discomfort around the mouth.

Final Words

That’s all! Easy and practical ways to boost the health and softness of your beard. It’s vital to remember that these strategies aren’t mutually exclusive, you should attempt a few of them simultaneously to see what works best for you.

We hope you enjoyed this post, and we’d love to hear how you got on with them. Which strategies proved to be the most effective? How quickly did you see improvements? How many of these techniques had you previously used?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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