Top 5 Best Lotion For Old Tattoos – Our Top Picks!

It is natural for the ink to fade over time. While the tattoo is permanent, the colors and outlines will fade if not properly cared for. You may wish to get your old tattoos re-touched in the future. In the meanwhile, there are things available to keep your tattoos looking good. The most difficult aspect is keeping the tattoo in excellent condition.

Tattoos fade overtime for three reasons. The first reason is that your skin is dry. Second, the pigment is harmed by sunshine. Third, as your skin ages, the tattoo may spread. Your body will strive to break down the pigment all the time. Fortunately, we offer five products that will assist you in maintaining the quality of your tattoos.

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Hustle Butter Deluxe - Vegan Tattoo Lotion Check Price
Mad Rabbit - Organic Tattoo Brightener Lotion Check Price
After Inked - Aftercare Lotion Check Price
Tattoo Goo - Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lotion Check Price
Malibu Tan - Tattoo Enhancing Body Moisturizer Check Price

BEST Lotion For Old Tattoos – TOP 5 CHOICES


OUR TOP PICK: Hustle Butter Deluxe - Vegan Tattoo Lotion
Hustle Butter Deluxe - Vegan Tattoo Lotion

Product Name: Hustle Butter Deluxe - Vegan Tattoo Lotion

Product Description: This is the first premium tattoo aftercare lotion for both new and existing tattoos. It is safe to use immediately after obtaining a tattoo. Unlike others, this is to aid with healing and prevent inflammation. Makes older tattoos stand out and revitalizes them. It is cruelty-free and completely vegan. The fact that it is created from just the best ingredients distinguishes it. This lotion is not a stencil remover or a tube clog remover. It will make it easier to apply colors. Some artists may then sell or donate this to their customers. So they can recover more effectively and safeguard their new art. Keep the quality of your tattoo and prevent it from fading considerably over time. Use this on a regular basis to keep your tattoos looking new.

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  • Smell
  • Moisturizing
  • Natural ingredients


This tattoo buttercream will help you hydrate and lubricate your skin. It will assist you before, during, and after getting your skin tattooed. This is the best option for revitalizing your tattoo. Furthermore, this vegan tattoo care buttercream helps your skin to breathe freely. It also keeps infections at bay.





It smells good




Mad Rabbit - Organic Tattoo Brightener Lotion

This ultra-nourishing balm rapidly boosts the brilliance of ink. It produces a protective barrier on the skin, which helps to hydrate and soothe it. It can improve the depth, clarity, and contrast of your entire tattoo. While protecting your tattoo and avoiding ink deterioration.

It contains a blend of fatty-acid, antioxidant-rich butter, and lightweight oils. It can help to maintain the skin’s natural barrier. This is done while protecting tattoos from dangerous environmental pressures, resulting in healthy-looking, active tattoos.

This is perfect for people with sensitive skin. It’s produced using all-natural components. As you put it to your tattoo, its natural aroma will make you happy.

  • Easy to spread
  • Long-lasting
  • Natural
  • It is not good for sensitive skin
After Inked - Aftercare Lotion

This is a Vegan formula that has been patented. It effectively moisturizes the skin. Additionally, it aids in the preservation of the hues of your tattoos.

It has a high level of skin moisture. It has grape seed oil added to it. And it is a high-end brand that is utilized and recommended by expert artists. This lotion has been dermatological and scientifically tested. When you apply this, you can get relief from irritation caused by dry skin.

Use this high-quality lotion to protect your tattoos. You may now keep the color and quality of your artwork. After each use, it will appear to be fresh new. You can protect your skin and tattoos by applying this on a regular basis.

  • Concentrated quality
  • Long-lasting
  • It can be used for healing tattoos as well
  • Expensive
Tattoo Goo - Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lotion

This lotion has a luxurious silky feel and a mild viscosity. It contains olive oil. It has a silky smooth texture that is not oily.

Olive oil is an excellent transporter of essential oils and nutrients for the skin. Stimulating the production of molecules such as collagen. The olive oil penetrates deeply to provide moisture to dry skin. Which is critical in the healing process. While additional emollients aid in the removal of moisture from the air, so improving the humectants process.

It boasts a novel recipe that combines cutting-edge technology with the world’s most popular substance. This recipe aids in the prevention of scabs. This product for skin restoration and moisturization is ideal for older tattoos. The product was designed by a pharmacist and is not connected with skin irritation.

  • Smooth application
  • Long-lasting
  • Vegan
  • It is not ideal for sensitive skin
Malibu Tan - Tattoo Enhancing Body Moisturizer

Shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, and hemp seed oil are all included in this lotion. This is to keep your skin from becoming dry. As well as brightening the appearance of tattoos.

It applies similarly to other lotions. It dries quickly and leaves your skin feeling silky. And it’s not greasy while still making your tattoos sparkle. This is an excellent lotion for keeping your tattoos hydrated. Your tattoos will require all the assistance they can get after being exposed to the sun.

This product performs an excellent job of restoring its luster. If you’re going to spend money on ink, this product will protect your investment. Your tattoos will now be safe. And your skin will be moisturized.

  • Affordable
  • It smells great
  • Safe ingredients
  • Not great for sensitive skin

How to Take Care of an Old Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is only the first step. The hardest aspect for many is the upkeep. It is preferable to maintain such tattoos in perfect condition long after one has gotten out of the chair. There are a million articles on how to care for new ink. 

However, there isn’t much information available on how to care for vintage tattoos. We have assumed the responsibility and laid out the critical steps you must do.

👍🏻 Listen to the Tattoo Artist

Listening to the professional’s directions is the most critical stage in long-term care. Tips may range from one artist to the next. However, these instructions are specific to your professional’s workflow. And how their ink heals the most effectively. 

Every portion of the body is unique as well. Again, the first week or so following is likely to be the most crucial to long-term success.

👍🏻 Moisturize your Tattoo

Tattoos are a lot of fun to get. However, because they are a permanent part of the skin, they must be cared about on a daily basis. In the same way that one would treat the rest of the body. 

Using a moisturizer on a regular basis keeps skin moisturized, supple, and avoids the appearance of age ink. Moisturizing is especially crucial for regions of the body that fade faster.

👍🏻 Avoid the Sunlight

New tattoos are more prone to sunburn. Furthermore, the sun can create skin blisters and delay the healing process. Sunlight is the quickest and easiest method for the ink to fade prematurely. 

Even after a fresh tattoo has healed for a few weeks, it is critical to constantly wear sunscreen whenever you are outside in the sun. If you didn’t pay heed to this suggestion, you may have seen some fading ink. It is never too late to save your work.

👍🏻 Keep it Clean

One of the most significant disadvantages of tattoos is their vulnerability to infection and skin sensitivities. This issue is often avoidable by just keeping your tat clean. 

Once a day, properly wash your tattoos with clean hands. And never apply a new layer of ointment to your tattoo without first removing the previous coating. Once everything is clean, it’s time to get the tattoo ready for action.

Tattoo Locations on the Body That Are Popular

It, like everything else in pop culture, may change quickly. Trends take months to develop and then crash much faster. And tattoos are no exception. These areas’ establishments are still going strong and are popular alternatives for anybody wishing to acquire some ink.

🟢 Chest

The chest and front of your body provide an open canvas for you to work with. You are free to experiment with any design. Furthermore, the discomfort is bearable. 

Most tattoos may be readily concealed. You can also conceal large tattoos for any job. One thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid waxing or shaving your chest. You must have any body hair removed before your session. 

It’s also worth noting that when your hair grows back onto your chest. Your design will be more difficult to view. In order to view your item completely, you will need to wax or shave your chest again.

🟢 Back

Full-back pieces are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. The major reason for this is the completely customizable canvas. Which lets you design whatever artwork you desire. Second, back tattoos are simple to conceal. The same as chest parts. 

Finally, the discomfort level for back tattoos is tolerable. When all three of these reasons are considered, back tattoos quickly become one of the most popular regions for guys. 

One disadvantage of back tattoos is that the healing process might be challenging. You’ll have to be extra cautious when you sleep. This is due to the fact that you will be unable to sleep on your back until the healing procedure is complete.

🟢 Biceps

The bicep is an excellent place to show off your tattoos. The biceps provide an excellent location for displaying elaborate elements that transform into sleeves. 

If you’ve been working out at the gym, your figure will draw attention to the design of your tattoo. Although the region might become painful, the overall discomfort level is manageable.

🟢 Upper Arm

The upper arm is a highly mobile region. This is due to the fact that it allows designs to flourish and stretch into the shoulders. Getting a tattoo on your shoulder will provide you with a piece that will last longer than many other regions. 

This is due to the skin having fewer crease lines than other body parts. The rest of the upper arm complements the body as well. Most patterns, you’ll see, wrap around in an exceedingly attractive way.

🟢 Forearm

For a long time, forearm tattoos were frowned upon. They were more difficult to conceal, making going to work in a half-sleeved shirt problematic. 

Tattoos have changed people’s perceptions in the workplace and society over time. Thinking that is progressive and open-minded expands. And we’ve witnessed an increase in the number of males obtaining elaborate forearm pieces. So, the unusual style of the forearm is what draws the most attention. And various wrapping around and realistic methods take center stage.

🟢 Ankle

For a long time, the ankle has been a popular spot to get tattooed. The key reason for this is the design’s upward flexibility. You have the option of getting a minor tattoo. And it might go undetected, or you can get a pattern that begins at your ankle and extends up your leg. 

We’ve discovered that ankle patterns are frequently feminine. Moreover, it is important to remember that this area might be painful. This is due to the fact that it is so near to the bone.

🟢 Upper Back

The upper back is becoming increasingly fashionable. The benefit of having a tattoo on your upper back is that you have a lot of design options. If you need a cover-up tattoo, this is one of the finest locations to get one done. 

There is one downside to having an upper back tattoo. It is a little challenging to manage in the early stages. Reaching your upper back on your own is difficult. And you’ll need someone to assist you to change your wrap, applying your lotion, and being careful while sleeping.

🟢 Wrist

Another favorite place for a script, delicate patterns, and little pieces is the wrist. The wrist, like the ankle, isn’t the most comfortable place to sit and can be unpleasant. It has little cushioning and is close to a boney region.

🟢 Behind the Ears

Despite the fact that it is a delicate area, having a tattoo behind the ear is still popular. It doesn’t help that the skin in the area is among the thinnest. It is also quite near to your skull. 

The continual vibrating and buzzing sound near your ear might become very unpleasant. The good news is that most tattoos behind the ear are modest and easy to complete. Another advantage is the area’s adaptability. So, you may wear your hair up to show off your item or down to effortlessly conceal it.

🟢 Back of the Neck

Another well-liked location is the back of the neck. Again, it provides you options since you can show off your tattoo or cover it up with your hair. The majority of people find the discomfort tolerable. 

However, if your design begins to reach down to the spine, you will most likely face increased discomfort. The fact that you may have free-flowing lines is a plus for this location. This is without attempting to pack your design into a little space. You may go as far down as you like to make a stunning neck tattoo become a whole back design.

How to Keep Your Tattoos from Fading Faster

✔️ Take Care of your Tattoo when it’s New

A well-healed tattoo is the simplest to keep clean. Tattoo healing has several stages that require devotion and patience. 

However, if the tattoo is not properly cared for and healed, the chances of it changing and fading considerably faster are considerable. So, taking care of your ink from the start can promote healthy habits and a long lifespan.

✔️ Consider Tattoo Placement

Consider the areas of your body that have the least amount of friction. Shoes and socks have the ability to fade over time. Because anything may be continually pressing against your feet. 

Consider the part on irritation and how it might lead to premature tattoo fading. Consider how frequently your tattoo will be irritated over time. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if it’s skin-to-skin or skin-to-material contact.

✔️ Put on Protective Clothing

It is critical to protect your skin from direct sunlight. However, we want to underline that the sun does damage your tattoos at all phases of their existence. From the point of recovery until 30 years afterward. At the absolute least, wear sunblock. 

It would be nice if you could keep it covered with loose closets or some other type of covering. That can be difficult, so try your best to reapply sunscreen as often as possible.

✔️ Smoking should be Avoided

Tobacco use is harmful to one’s health. This is not breaking news. However, smoking might cause your tattoo to seem faded. And also deceased. 

Smoking lowers the body’s collagen synthesis. This is what makes the skin more pliable. So, if your skin’s suppleness is low, your ink is more likely to bleed.

✔️ Stay Hydrated

A variety of factors can have an impact on skin health. Which might have an effect on the look of your tattoo over time. When it comes to skin health, drinking water every day is a fantastic place to start. It’s also beneficial to your general wellness. 

Exercising and eating a well-balanced diet may seem obvious. However, it does make a difference in terms of keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you hydrate an old tattoo?

A: Apply a thin, uniform coating of unscented moisturizer. Repeat the cleaning and moisturizing routine 3 to 5 times each day.

Q: Should you apply lotion to old tattoos?

A: Yes, it is advised. Dry skin can cause a tattoo to seem blurry or faded. Keeping your skin hydrated is your best option for a youthful appearance.

Q: Is it possible to retouch a tattoo years later?

A: Any good tattoo artist will tell you to wait until your tattoo has healed completely before getting a touch-up.

Q: Is coconut oil safe to use on tattoos?

A: Coconut oil is mild enough to be used at any stage of the tattooing process. It may be used on fresh or old tattoos, as well as those that are being removed or retouched.

Q: Is cocoa butter safe to use on old tattoos?

A: It is, indeed. When a tattoo is healing, cocoa butter is an excellent substance to include in your aftercare routine.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the radiance of your tattoos may be simple. You can take care of your old tattoos by utilizing the top five items listed above. It is critical that you understand what to do to keep such works of art looking new. It’s also important to exfoliate yourself to remove any dead skin cells on your skin. So, simply using it on a regular basis can keep your tattoos looking as good as new. It should not be difficult to attain.

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