How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on Neck? See Here!

Portrait of a clean shaved boy while looking upside

Have you ever shaved only to find a reddish, raised, painful bump on your neck? We’ve all been there—ingrown hairs are pretty standard, especially among men active in manscaping. However, not only are these hairs a pain to feel and look at, but they can become infected when left untreated! So, the question is this: … Read more

Moisturizing Shampoo For Men: Our Best Picks!


Finding a good moisturizing shampoo for men can be difficult. This is because there are limited brands in the market and some men do not take into consideration this matter. Though generally, men’s hair is short, they still need to take care of it to prevent hair fall and baldness. Men’s hair is not just … Read more

Seborrheic Dermatitis: Is Shaving A Solution?

a photo of someone with seborrheic dermatitis's head skin

Have you been experiencing itchy, flaky irritations on your skin lately? Then it may be unbeknownst to you that you have a condition known as Seborrheic Dermatitis. It is very unnerving and uncomfortable to have this condition, as it significantly affects your skin’s texture and appearance. Fortunately, modern knowledge and technology have brought dermatologists and … Read more

Blend Sideburns Into Beards – The Easy Way!

Portrait of a man with long sideburns and beard

Sideburns have long been associated with masculinity and rebellion. This statement style has recently re-emerged as a powerful face feature for modern guys. Sideburns can help to balance out your face characteristics. While also emphasizing your rough jawline and cheekbones. It may be frightening to fade your sideburns to your beard. A fade is just … Read more