7 Best Moisturizers With SPF For Bald Heads

While a bald head saves you from the hassle of styling, it also exposes you to the risk of sun damage. After all, your scalp is the extension of your facial skin. It also requires the same level of care to prevent sunburn, itchiness, and other irritations due to excessive sun exposure. This is why the best moisturizer with SPF for bald head should always be in every bald guy’s grooming kit.

Unlike typical sunscreens or moisturizers, those made for the scalp are formulated with higher SPF. It’s because your head is directly in contact with sun rays. And if you’re looking for the right choice, these 7 picks will surely give the best bang for the buck:

 Our Top Pick! 
Bee Bald Smooth Plus
SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer
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HeadBlade HeadLube SPF50
Moisturizer with Sunscreen
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Banana Boat SPF 30
Hair and Scalp Defense
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Jack Black SPF 45
Oil-Free Sunscreen
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Thinksport SPF 50
Moisturizing Sunscreen
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Waxhead Sun Defense
SPF 30 Sunscreen
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Eucerin SPF 15
Daily Body Lotion
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Best Moisturizer with SPF for Bald Head – Our Top 7 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Bee Bald Smooth Plus SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer
bee bald

Product Name: Bee Bald Smooth Plus SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer

Product Description: When it comes to scalp moisturizers that double as sunscreens, I swear by the Bee Bald Smooth Plus. This has SPF 30 with a broad-spectrum formula to shield your head from both UVA and UVB rays. Aside from that, this formula will moisturize your scalp, and you can also use it for your face. In addition, it will help reduce wrinkles, dry spots, and fine lines with regular use. Moreover, this chemical sunscreen prevents oil buildup on your skin. It’s safe to use it daily for at least 15 minutes before going under the sun. You should also re-apply this sunscreen every two hours for the best results.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • SPF Level
  • Moisturizing Effect
  • Finish
  • Value for Money


I also like that this moisturizer/sunscreen is infused with botanicals like goji berry extracts, licorice root extract, and honey extracts. This delivers a natural moisturizing effect to your scalp. Take note that this has a cream consistency, but it applies smoothly like melted butter nonetheless. It just feels slightly greasy at first, but it goes away once the formula dries. Aside from that, this has a smell consistent with a sunblock, which other users find overwhelming. Anyway, this is just a small issue considering the price of this product.


  • Broad-spectrum formula
  • Infused with botanicals as natural moisturizers
  • It applies smoothly on bald heads.
  • It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles when used on the face.
  • No excessive white cast


  • The scent is overwhelming for some.
  • It feels greasy at first.


HeadBlade HeadLube SPF50 Moisturizer with Sunscreen

HeadBlade HeadLube SPF50

If you’re looking for stronger sun protection, you should consider the HeadBlade HeadLube SPF50. This is a moisturizing lotion with broad-spectrum sun protection. It applies well, and it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling or white residue.

Aside from that, this moisturizer is waterproof for up to 80 minutes. You can enjoy swimming at the beach without worrying about having sunspots on your bald head.

The HeeadBlade HeadLube moisturizer contains tea tree oil and shea butter for a natural moisturizing effect. It’s also safe to use for those with sensitive scalps. And if you want to flaunt your bald head, you can get this moisturizer in a glossy finish.

Overall, a little goes a long way on this bald head moisturizer. I also like the sturdy bottle, which you can literally toss around without breaking. The matte version also does a good job of removing the awkward shine on bald heads.

However, I’m not a big fan of the scent. It’s not repulsive, but it’s not the most pleasing either. But overall, this isn’t a big issue considering the protection it provides.

  • Waterproof for up to 8 minutes
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 50
  • It contains tea tree oil and shea butter.
  • Sturdy bottle/container
  • Available in matte and glossy finishes
  • The smell isn’t special.

Banana Boat SPF 30 Hair and Scalp Defense

Banana Boat SPF 30 Hair and Scalp Defense

Banana Boat is a household brand when it comes to sun protection products. And for bald heads, I highly recommend the Banana Boat Hair and Scalp Defense. This formula has SPF 30 while remaining non-greasy and lightweight on the scalp.

Moreover, this broad-spectrum formula won’t dry your hair in case you still have a thin growth left. It’s also a spray-on moisturizer and sunscreen, so it’s easy to apply. However, I still recommend massaging the fluid all over your scalp to ensure that every inch of your skin is covered.

Another great thing about this Banana Boat sunscreen is its reef-friendly formula. It doesn’t have octinoxate or oxybenzone known to cause coral bleaching.

Aside from that, this sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer remains waterproof for 80 minutes. You can swim without losing sun protection for your bald head. It’s even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation!

The only thing I don’t like about the Banana Boat Scalp Defense is it gives a wet look for those who have hair. It has a little shine but nothing bothersome.

  • Broad-spectrum SPF 30
  • Reef-friendly formula
  • Waterproof for up to 80 minutes
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • No heavy or greasy feeling
  • It will give you a wet look.
  • It can make the hair frizzy (a reminder just in case you’re planning to share it with others).

Jack Black SPF 45 Oil-Free Sunscreen

Jack black - moisturizer for bald head

The Jack Black SPF 45 Oil-Free Sunscreen has a vitamin-rich formula. It will moisturize your bald head while preventing sun damage. Overall, this moisturizer with SPF has a broad-spectrum formula and is sweat-resistant. It’s made for men who are always on the move.

Jack Black takes pride in its cruelty-free products. They never test on animals, which is a big deal for me, being a pet owner.

Moreover, this oil-free sunscreen absorbs well into the skin without heavy residue. And since it’s waterproof, the formula won’t drip to your eyes while you swim.

Take note that this Jack Black brand isn’t connected to Jack Black, the actor. Nonetheless, their products are great, especially this sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer.

The only thing I noticed was the strong scent. While it’s refreshing, other users are worried because the added chemicals can trigger irritations. Also, it leaves a mild white cast, which is a bummer for those with darker complexions.

Overall, this moisturizer/sunscreen does its job. The price is a bit steeper than other options here, but you’ll get what you paid for.

  • Cruelty-free product
  • Sweat-proof and waterproof for 80 minutes
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 45
  • Oil-free and absorbs fast to the skin
  • No greasy feeling
  • It has a mild white cast upon application.
  • The price is a bit steep (but for good reasons).

Thinksport SPF 50 Moisturizing Sunscreen

Thinksport - moisturizer for bald head

For men with an active lifestyle, I highly recommend the Thinksport SPF 50 Moisturizing Sunscreen. This is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will shield your bald head from UVA and UVB rays. It’s gentle and safe even for children’s skin.

As a mineral sunscreen, Thinksport SPF 50 is reef-friendly and unlikely to cause skin irritations. It has no benzenes, parabens, and other harmful ingredients.

Aside from that, this sunscreen remains waterproof for 80 minutes so that you can soak it on the pool or beach. I also like how it feels light and non-sticky since it absorbs quite fast into the skin. Most of all, it doesn’t have a strong chemical odor that could drip down your face.

Take note that this sunscreen can leave a mild white cast. To fix this, simply rub the sunscreen into the skin after 10 minutes. This will let the formula absorb deeper to remove the unsightly white color on your bald head.

Overall, my money is on the Thinksport SPF 50 Sunscreen. Sure, it’s a bit chalky, but it’s something I can live with for optimal scalp protection. Besides, the zinc oxide ingredient helps reduce itching and scalp acne.

  • Reef-friendly formula
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 50
  • Not sticky or heavy
  • Single active ingredient
  • Very gentle, even for children’s skin
  • It has a slightly chalky finish.
  • The application is a bit time-consuming.

Waxhead Sun Defense SPF 30 Hawaii Sunscreen

Waxhead - moisturizer for bald head

Are you tired of messy creams and sprays? If so, you’ll probably like the Waxhead Sun Defense SPF 30 Sunscreen. This mineral sunscreen comes in a stick form that you simply have to rub on your bald head. It’s like a deodorant for your head, except that it repels both UVA and UVB rays.

Aside from that, this sunscreen is 100% non-toxic, and it’s free from petrochemicals. It’s gentle on the skin, and it remains water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. This is reef-safe so that you can swim guilt-free.

Moreover, this sunscreen is also blended with coconut oil, beeswax, and organic vanilla extract. This will help moisturize your scalp while leaving a nice scent on your head.

This is a Hawaii and Florida state-approved sunscreen guaranteed safe for marine life. And while it’s more expensive than other options here, the effects are worth every dollar.

Overall, the Waxhead Sun Defense isn’t greasy, and it’s very easy to apply. However, you should keep it in a cool place since it tends to melt due to the coconut oil component.

  • Infused with beeswax, coconut oil, and vanilla extracts
  • Reef-friendly formula
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 30
  • Non-greasy and easy to apply
  • Easy on the skin
  • It’s an expensive sunscreen but worth it for frequent beach-goers.
  • It melts quickly under intense sunlight.

Eucerin SPF 15 Daily Body Lotion

Eucerin - moisturizer for bald head

If you’re just looking for a daily sunscreen and moisturizer, I recommend the Eucerin SPF 15 Daily Body Lotion. This 3-pack lotion is a big money-saver for bald guys who have dry scalps.

This is a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a non-greasy finish. It will also keep your scalp hydrated for 24 hours, making it a cost-effective choice for daily use. You can also use it on your entire body, so you only have to apply one product.

Moreover, this body lotion is fragrance-free, so there’s no strong odor that will drip to your face. However, you should know that this isn’t a waterproof formula, so it’s best used for regular days indoors.

Take note that since this has a lower SPF level, it’s not suitable for intense sun exposure. You’ll still get a mild tan if you soak yourself in the sun with this product on.

Overall, this is an effective moisturizer and sunscreen. However, those with sensitive skin may find the ingredients a bit iffy.

  • It hydrates the skin well.
  • SPF 15 suitable for mild sun exposure
  • Affordable 3-pack offer
  • Non-greasy finish
  • It has a chemical-like smell.

How to choose the best moisturizer with SPF for bald head

If this is your first time buying a scalp moisturizer with SPF, the following are some of the aspects you should keep in mind:

✔️Mineral vs. chemical

Sunscreens are categorized into two main types: chemical and mineral. Both works in blocking harmful UV rays but in different ways.

Mineral sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen physically blocks the UV rays from reaching your skin. It’s often mixed with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to make this benefit possible.

Aside from that, mineral sunscreens are gentle and suitable for those with sensitive skin. In fact, even sunscreens made for babies have a mineral formulation. Also, mineral sunscreens are coral-friendly and can even help acne, thanks to their zinc oxide ingredient.

The only downside here is that mineral sunscreens tend to leave a white cast.

Chemical sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens utilize chemical filters that will absorb deeply into the skin. It’s also the most common sunscreen type in the U.S., dominating about 96% of the sunscreen market.

Moreover, chemical sunscreens are easier to formulate, thus it’s cheaper. It’s also easier to spread and often has a nicer odor than mineral sunscreens. The biggest selling factor here is that chemical sunscreens don’t leave a white cast once applied.

However, chemical sunscreens have their own evils. First of all, it’s observed to cause coral bleaching. It can also trigger skin irritations, much so for those with lingering skin problems.

✔️SPF level

When it comes to bald heads, experts recommend using at least an SPF 30 sunscreen. Such sun protection factor (SPF) can neutralize 97% of UVB rays. If possible, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen, regardless of SPF, to ensure the best protection.

If you have a sensitive scalp and not going out in the sun often, you can start with an SPF 15 formula. This is perfect as a daily sunscreen and moisturizer for those who have minimal sun exposure.

Take note that you have to re-apply sunscreen every two hours for the best protection. This is true whether you’re using it on your bald head or the rest of your skin. You should also apply lavishly to ensure that your entire scalp is covered.


Most of the time, the moisturizer/sunscreen’s consistency isn’t a big issue for men. As long as it protects against the sun, the formula will serve its purpose.

However, if you have a buzz cut or thin hair left on your scalp, you may want something a bit runny or loose. This way, the thick substance won’t get stuck on your hair strands. Nevertheless, this part depends on your preference.


When it comes to the best moisturizer with SPF for bald head, I always go for unscented or mild scents. This way, the sunscreen’s odor won’t mess with your perfume or any beard product you’re using. Besides, your nose is far from your scalp.

Unless you’re conscious about other people smelling your bald head, you’ll never go wrong with unscented formulas. Also, I don’t recommend heavily scented moisturizers since it indicates the addition of artificial chemicals.

✔️Value for money

Lastly, you should invest in a moisturizer or sunscreen formula that delivers utmost sun protection. The right balance between the cost and benefits is my rule of thumb. Just avoid dirt-cheap moisturizers from unknown brands.

Also, never use any scalp product without a clear list of ingredients and manufacturer’s information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need to moisturize a bald head?

A: Keeping your bald scalp moisturized is crucial to avoid itchiness and aging. Since your scalp is directly exposed to the sun, it will be more prone to sun damage than any part of your skin. So aside from moisturizing, you should also protect it with sunscreen. You can use a 2-in-1 product to keep your regimen simple.

Q: How do I get rid of sunspots on my scalp?

A: If your bald head has sunspots, you can treat it with retinoids or bleaching creams. A chemical peel may also work, but it’s best to consult a dermatologist. Take note that any sunspot medications can potentially damage your hair follicles, so you should consult a professional first.

Q: Does excessive sun exposure cause balding?

A: Sun exposure will not directly lead to hair loss. However, excessive heat and UV rays can make your hair brittle and your scalp damaged. These factors will contribute to the risk of balding. This is why you should always protect your scalp against direct sunlight, whether it’s the summer season or not.

Q: How do I apply sunscreen to a bald head?

A: You can apply sunscreen to your bald head the same way you’ll do on your skin. You start with a small dollop of sunscreen that you’ll massage into your scalp. Make sure that your entire scalp will be coated to avoid uneven tanning or sunspots. Always use a small amount at a time as some sunscreens can leave a white cast if you use too much.

Q: Is coconut oil good for bald heads?

A: Coconut oil provides a powerful moisturizing benefit to bald heads. However, it’s not enough to protect your scalp from UV rays. You still need to use a separate sunscreen if you’re going outdoors.

Final words

The best moisturizer with SPF for bald head hits two birds with one stone. You get to hydrate your dry scalp while keeping it safe from harsh UV rays. My top 7 recommendations here will surely deliver topnotch benefits for a reasonable cost.

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