Best 5 Eye Serums For Men – Our Top Picks!

Applying eye cream has long been a women’s beauty ritual. However, many guys may not consider including it in their daily regimen. There are several eye creams or eye serums for men. Ingredients in eye creams can improve moisture and plump the skin. This will give the eyes the appearance of being well-rested.

Eye serum can help improve the impression of your skin. Incorporate a relaxing self-care habit throughout your day as well. Men must also take care of the skin around their eyes. This product is not only for females. Men, like women, will age in the corners of their eyes.

The top 5 eye serums for men listed below are without a doubt the greatest on the market. We’ve whittled it down for you. So, all of the important information you need to know about it is provided. You may now boost your skin care regimen and get rid of the bags under your eyes.

Eye Serum For MenBrandOur Rating Check Price on Amazon
CeraVe - Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness Check Price
Pure Biology - Eye Cream for Dark Circles Check Price
Brickell Men's Products - Organic Anti Aging Eye Balm Check Price
Clinique - Eyes Serum for All Skin Types for Unisex Check Price
BEVERLY HILLS - Eye Serum Treatment Check Price



OUR TOP PICK: CeraVe - Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness
CeraVe - Under Eye Cream

Product Name: CeraVe - Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Product Description: This serum aids in the reduction of dark circles. And puffiness around the eyes. It has a non-greasy feel to it. It will make your under eyelids seem moisturized and alert. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which aids in the retention of skin hydration. And niacinamide to calm the skin. Apply a pea-sized quantity to your ring fingers. And then, softly pat around the eyes and brow bone. It has a quick-absorbing composition and may be used alone or under makeup. It will aid in the restoration and maintenance of the skin's natural barrier. This is appropriate for dry, oily, or acne-prone skin. Apply this eye serum to your under-eye region to protect it.

  • Value for money
  • Moisturizing
  • Fragrance-free


Dermatologists collaborated on the creation of this eye serum. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream dramatically diminishes the formation of dark circles and puffiness. It includes three vital ceramides that help to repair and maintain the skin’s protective barrier. Apply in little dots around the eye region for best effects. And then gradually smooth until completely absorbed.




It is also ideal for sensitive skin Affordable Hydrating



Consistency can be too thick



Pure Biology - Eye Cream for Dark Circles
Pure Biology - Eye Cream

This is a unique anti-aging eye cream. This is specially designed to tighten the skin. It can also protect, and brighten the sensitive skin around the eyes. Protect the skin around your eyes to maintain a young appearance and a luminous shine.

There is a natural anti-aging ingredient in this. It has an all-in-one eye serum formulation. In five minutes, it can nourish and quickly raise the region around your eyes. So, use this tried-and-true eye healing lotion twice a day. This is to help seal in moisture. Additionally, It has skin-healing substances. This can make skin cells healthy. And this is recommended by beauty experts.

It can aid in the formation of collagen and the restoration of your natural skin barrier. This cream is for dark circles. Men and women can use this serum. Moreover, this sophisticated Eye Gel protects your eyes from dawn to night. It can aid in the treatment of aging skin issues. Moreover, this eye bag lotion is one of the finest for puffiness and bags under the eyes. Make it a year-round habit to maintain youthful skin.

  • Hydrating
  • Smooth application
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive
Brickell Men's Products - Organic Anti Aging Eye Balm
Brickell Men's Anti Aging Eye Balm

This eye lotion for men decreases bags and wrinkles around the eyes. This serum is suitable for men of all ages and skin types. This men’s under-eye cream is lightweight and absorbs quickly.

There will be no oily residue or shine. Moreover, it contains potent hydrators that help to smooth away wrinkles. Caffeine helps to minimize dark circles and puffiness. It has only natural ingredients. Under your eyes, apply a hydrating element. It contains a natural extract. It is used to relieve inflammation.

In addition, it contains tannins, which can help protect your skin from harm. It is suitable for delicate skin. This is a lightweight under-eye cream that absorbs quickly. This is ideal for males. And it quickly absorbs into the skin. So, there will be no oily residue or shine.

  • Natural ingredient
  • Hydrating
  • Removes dark circles
  • Expensive
Clinique - Eyes Serum for All Skin Types for Unisex
Clinique - Eyes Serum

This serum comes in the form of a rollerball. It removes eye bags while brightening and refreshing the eye region. It softly removes puffiness beneath the eyes. As well as the look of weariness.

It has unique substances. This includes the energizing caffeine. It also contains powerful antioxidants and calming herbs. It will brighten the eye region both instantly and over time. This serum is portable.

You can use this as a refresher. Or applied to other products. This is one of the top men’s eyes serums. So, you can now moisturize and protect the area around your eyes. Every man has the right to have their under eyes protected and enhanced.

  • Hydrating
  • Long-lasting
  • Smooth
  • It is costly
BEVERLY HILLS - Eye Serum Treatment

This serum is designed specifically for men’s skin. It features an immediate facelift serum that gives professional-grade results for younger-looking skin. So, you may enjoy all of the benefits of a facelift without the discomfort or expense.

One application produces immediate results and lasts for hours. It revitalizes weary, elderly skin, reducing lines and wrinkles. As well as increasing firmness and suppleness. It can take action in as little as 90 seconds. You may now rapidly remove under-eye sagging.

It promotes lymphatic drainage. Which helps to eliminate the appearance of extra fluid. Moreover, this serum has been meticulously created. This is to be the best it can be. So, it is intended to outperform. And produce the greatest possible results.

  • It has a facelift effect
  • Smooth
  • This is ideal for sensitive skin
  • It is expensive

Advantages of Using Eye Serum for Men

Closeup portrait of a man's eye

Eye cream is something that should never be disregarded. Using an eye serum may be both moisturizing and anti-aging. Every man should remember to take care of the skin around their eyes.

➖ Avoid Typical Indications of Aging

Dull and saggy skin can occur for a variety of causes. However, two major contributors are dehydration and environmental stresses. Purchase an antioxidant-rich natural eye cream. It can assist in keeping these aggressors at bay.

➖ Reduce Fine Lines

It can aid in the smoothness and revitalization of your skin. So, this will reduce the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines. You may now lessen those lines while also increasing your confidence.

➖ Reduces Puffiness

The puffiness is caused by fluid accumulation. So, sleep deprivation, allergies, and age can all contribute to it. Additionally, every ingredient in the finest eye creams helps to lessen these visual indicators of exhaustion.

➖ Eliminate Dark Circles

Botanicals are abundant in natural eye creams. Moreover, it can help to lighten the skin and diminish the appearance of discoloration.

➖ Delivers Customized Hydration

The delicate skin around your eyes needs a unique type of moisture. Which eye cream offers. It does this by using precisely the correct amount of components. So, it will not irritate or dry up the skin more.

➖ Even out Skin Tone

Skin that has been nourished and moisturized appears brighter and healthier. Include revitalizing vitamins to help prevent accumulation and irritants. You also have a radiant, even skin tone.

➖ Safeguard Sensitive Skin

Under-eye skin is thinner and more sensitive to irritants than the rest of the face. Ingredients in eye creams especially target this to increase resistance to the area.

➖ Refreshes

The skin surrounding the eyes loses part of its elasticity as men age. Add to that the irritating components of the outside world. Irritants, for example, and the millions of expressions we make throughout a lifetime. You also have skin that may benefit from some attention. Eye creams are for restoring the skin’s youthful appearance.

➖ Relaxes Tired Eyes

Soothe your under-eye region. Eye creams include relaxing and nutritious ingredients. They can also be rich and creamy, or light and non-greasy, with a slight chill to the temperature.

Reasons Why you get Dark Under Eyes

A closeup portrait of a smiley man with white t-shirt 

❕ Stress

Oversleeping or even staying up a few hours later than usual might result in dark circles beneath your eyes. Sleep deprivation may make your skin drab and pale. This allows dark tissues and blood arteries beneath your skin to be seeable. 

Inadequate sleep can also cause fluid to accumulate behind your eyes. As a result, they may seem bloated. As a consequence, the dark circles you observe may be shadows. This is created by swollen eyelids.

❕ Age

Another typical cause of dark circles under your eyes is natural aging. As you get older, your skin thins down. You also lose the fat and collagen required to keep your skin supple. 

Dark blood vessels under your skin become more apparent. Moreover, this might result in a darkening of the region under your eyes.

❕ Eye Strain

Staring at a television or computer screen can put a strain on your eyes. This stress might cause the blood vessels surrounding your eyes to swell. As a result, the skin around your eyes may get darker.

❕ Allergies

Dark circles can be caused by allergic responses. When you experience an allergic reaction, your body produces histamines in response to potentially hazardous microorganisms. 

Allergies might also make you want to scratch the irritated skin around your eyes. These acts may aggravate your symptoms. This can result in inflammation. And this might cause dark shadows to form beneath your eyes.

❕ Dehydration

Dark circles beneath your eyes are often caused by dehydration. The skin behind your eyes becomes dull, and your eyes appear sunken. This occurs when your body does not receive enough amount of water. This is because they are so near to the underlying bone.

❕ Sun

Excessive sun exposure might lead your body to develop an overabundance of melanin. The pigment that gives your skin color. Moreover, excessive sun exposure can cause pigmentation in the surrounding skin to darken.

❕ Genetics

There can be a development of dark circles beneath your eyes. And this is also influenced by your family history. It might be a hereditary feature that manifests itself early in life. And may worsen or go away as you mature. It can also be caused by various medical issues.

Methods to Avoid Black Circles Beneath the Eyes for Men

A closeup portrait of a man's single eye with black circle under his eye

✔️ Cold Compress

For around 10 minutes, apply a cold compress. If you have a mask that you can store in the fridge use twice a day. That is the simplest approach to experiment with this dark circle reduction method. 

Simply hold it clean by giving it a nice soapy scrub a few times a week.

✔️ Cucumbers

Try combining cucumber and lemon juice in equal portions. Then, using a cotton ball, apply it to your under-eye circles. Allow the mixture to sit on your skin for 15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water.

✔️ Rose Water

Rosewater isn’t merely pleasant to the senses. It may also be used to relieve stress. And revitalize fatigued skin. And it can be used as a skin toner. Simply soak cotton makeup removal pads for a few minutes in rose water. Then, place the moistened cosmetic pads on your closed eyes. Leave them for 15 minutes twice a day.

✔️ Tomatoes

Lycopene is abundant in tomatoes. It is a wonderful material for your skin. It can aid in the development of softer, more supple skin. In addition, it helps to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles. 

Combine tomato juice and lemon juice in an equal parts ratio. Then apply it to your under-eye region with a cotton ball or makeup removal pad. Allow the solution to sit for 10 minutes. Then, twice a day, rinse with warm water.

✔️ Tea Bags

If you don’t have a cold compress, use tea bags instead. Many teas, including green tea, contain antioxidants. Which are anti-inflammatory in nature. So, it might assist to relax tight capillaries around your eyes.

✔️ Potatoes

Potatoes contain a surprising amount of vitamin C. This, among other things, promotes collagen production, which promotes healthier, younger-looking skin. For your eyes, grate some potatoes. So, the potato juice can be extracted. 

Soak some cotton makeup removal pads in the liquid as well. For around 10 minutes, place the pads on your eyes. After that, rinse with warm water.

✔️ Cold Milk

Milk and other dairy products are high in vitamin A. They contain retinoids, which are fantastic for keeping skin looking young and vibrant. 

Soak a cotton makeup removal pad for a few minutes in a cup of cold milk. Put the milk in your under-eye bags with the pad. And leave it for around 10 minutes twice a day. Moreover, use warm water for rinsing.

✔️ Orange Juice

Since orange juice is abundant in both vitamin A and vitamin C. It can aid in the removal of dark circles beneath your eyes. Wet a cotton makeup removal pad in water and apply it to your under-eye skin. 

The vitamins in oranges will assist you. This is in addition to the natural light that glycerin imparts to your skin.

✔️ Vitamin E

Vitamin E aids in the battle against free radicals, which produce aging indications like wrinkles. Use a drop of oil to the dark circles beneath your eyes. 

Gently massage it into your skin. Moreover, apply this on your skin at night and in the morning. Use warm water for rinsing.

✔️ Turmeric

Turmeric reduces dark circles. Mix some turmeric powder and pineapple juice. So, apply this combination to the dark circles beneath your eyes. Set aside for 10 minutes. And is done before extracting the paste. And by using a gentle, warm, wet towel. Repeat this routine once a day.

✔️ Exercise

You can improve circulation by regular exercise. This will boost blood flow to the skin and help to rejuvenate aged skin. 

Furthermore, the release of endorphins into your system on a regular basis keeps despair and anxiety at bay. You will be happier, calmer, and more balanced as a result of this.

✔️ Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great way to brighten dark under-eye circles. While lightening, it also hydrates. This will aid in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. 

Use coconut oil in the same manner as you would vitamin E oil. Apply it to the region around your eyes. Allow it to sit overnight before rinsing it out in the morning.

✔️ Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate shields the skin from the detrimental effects of UV light. So, the aging process is slowed down. After listening for so long that chocolate is awful for our skin, this is a nice little fact.

✔️ Eye Massage

Regular eye massage stimulates blood flow to the region around the eyes. Additionally, it aids in preventing blood from accumulating in the capillaries under the eyes. 

Purchase an eye massager that you may use at home. Apply your eye cream or serum first. Turn it on and off to achieve the appropriate level of intensity.

✔️ Salmon

You can find Omega-3 in it. Moreover, these fatty acids help to improve blood flow to the skin. Circulating blood away from your eyes. 

✔️ Moisturize

Don’t overlook the most basic excellent habit. Use a moisturizer twice a day. For the day, use a lighter moisturizer with SPF. Also, apply a thicker moisturizer and eye cream every night before going to bed.

✔️ Laser Treatment

If everything else fails, you might go with the most expensive choice. Treatment with a professional laser. Lasers can be used by a doctor. This is to treat blue and red discoloration beneath the eyes. 

They’re called Vascular lasers. So, it functions through the constriction of visible blood arteries. As a result, the formation of dark under-eye circles is reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can serum be used on the eyes?

A: Yes. The serums, creams, and other cosmetics can be used around the eyes. But be sure that everything you use is appropriate for that region.

Q: When should you start using eye serum?

A: When it comes to skincare, the sooner you start, the better. You can begin as early as your twenties. This is due to the fact that prevention yields the best outcomes.

Q: What are the advantages of eye serum?

A: This is to assist minimize the appearance of a number of eye-area issues. such as puffiness and crow’s feet In addition, it aids in the reduction of both blue and brown under-eye circles in seven days.

Q: Is eye serum needed?

A: They are required for everyone. However, it is recommended for some individuals. Men who are concerned about their undereye. Or those who have seen changes in the undereye region.

Q: Is vitamin C useful for dark circles beneath the eyes?

A: By plumping and moisturizing the under-eye region, vitamin C serums can help smooth out fine wrinkles.

Final Thoughts

For many males, black circles are only a fad. And are frequently a sign of age or a lack of sleep. So, to improve the look of your eyes, there are a variety of at-home and medical therapies available. Moreover, dark circles are usually not a reason for concern. 

If the coloring or swelling develops over time, make an appointment with your doctor. This is to confirm that you have accurately diagnosed the problem and that you are receiving the best therapy possible. Men must also take care of their under eyes. 

Purchasing eye serums is important. This is something important. Moreover, the top five goods stated above have been tried and tested. Any man can now have a healthy-looking undereye area.

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