7 Best Cologne to Attract Ladies and Smell Good

You can dress your best, have a decent job, and tell great jokes, but this isn’t always enough to impress women. Many men seem to miss essential traits ladies adore, and smelling fantastic is among them. And this is where the best cologne to attract ladies comes in.

Many brands are creating unique fragrances to entice females today. So if you’ve come here looking for scents to seduce, then I may have the solution for you. 

Below I reviewed seven of the best colognes that every man should invest in to impress the ladies. See which suits you the best! 

 Our Top Pick! 
TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Men's Perfume
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Jean Paul Gaultier Men's Perfume Check Price
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Do I Really Need to Use Cologne to Attract Ladies?

Naturally, humans have their own body scents. Hence, choosing something that compliments rather than conflict with it is crucial. So having the right scent can help you attract more women. And this is all thanks to pheromones. It’s a chemical that humans can produce to attract or influence one another. 

It’s somewhat like hormones, but instead, it functions outside the body. And choosing a great cologne boosts your pheromones, attracting ladies from all around. In short, it can elevate your chances of winning a lady’s heart—or her nose the least. 

If you’re struggling to find the perfect cologne, the seven products below will help you attract ladies in no time.

Best Cologne to Attract Ladies – Our Top Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Men's Perfume
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Perfume

Product Name: TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Men's Perfume

Product Description: Look no further than TOM FORD's Vanille Perfume if you're looking for the best cologne to attract ladies. It provides an exotic scent that many women adore. Creating a unique aroma from chocolate and tobacco gives any man an edge over their rivals! It has plenty of spicy tobacco notes, emitting a musky and masculine scent. And when you pair this with tonka beans, you get an alluring cologne with the perfect mix of sweet and musky. Moreover, ladies love this product thanks to its subtlety and uniqueness. That means the cologne can blend smoothly with most men, creating new memories. In short, no lady will be reminded of a past lover due to its one-of-a-kind scent. Overall, if you're looking for a masculine yet balanced fragrance, choose TOM FORD. With this, you'll be attracting your favorite lady in no time.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Sillage
  • Longevity
  • Value for money


What makes this cologne stand out is its mix of chocolate and tobacco. It creates a unique fragrance that offers a competitive edge over other brands. And its combination of essential oils add more to the package, allowing smell good—and feel great! Moreover, women love this product as it’s unique, creating fond memories instead of bitter remembrance.

The only issue is that the product isn’t suitable for hotter days as it compliments the colder seasons best. But overall, this is an excellent cologne to attract ladies, especially considering its price.


  • It lasts for a long time
  • Not too overpowering
  • It has a high sillage level
  • Available in 50 milliliters
  • It comes with gorgeous packaging


  • A little pricey
  • It doesn’t work well in the summer


Jean Paul Gaultier Men's Perfume

Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume

Are you looking for an alluring yet masculine cologne? Then I suggest Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Perfume. It’s a seductive piece released in 1995, created by master perfumer Jean Paul Gaultier. And despite being around for a while, this cologne has remained a strong option among men. After all, the ladies adore it!

The cologne provides a fresh start with hints of mint, capturing senses instantly! Moreover, its top notes have a floral and alluring accord, backed by lavender and bergamot. And combining these aromatic scents with bracing mint, you get a spicy yet sweet backdrop.

Furthermore, you receive strong notes of cumin, cardamom, and orange blossoms when unfolding. As a result, you get a strong aroma dubbed sensual and attractive by women of all ages.

Also, it has relatively high longevity and sillage level. That means even a few dabs can make you smell fantastic all day long! So this piece is perfect for men who like pushing the envelope with style, aura, and fragrance.

To get the best out of this cologne, I suggest using it during the winter or colder months. It’s the best time as the cold air combines well with its citrusy scent—attracting ladies in no time!

However, don’t expect this cologne to be like most male fragrance archetypes. It’s a scent that’s versatile, bold, and unique! So if you’re not keen on trying new fragrances, this isn’t the one for you. On the other hand, if you like adventure and want to stand out, choose Jean Paul Gaultier.

  • Affordable
  • Available in different scents
  • Made from a trusted brand
  • High sillage level
  • It can last for a while
  • It doesn’t work well in the summer
  • Its unique aroma isn’t for everyone

French Lover Pierre Bourdon Men's Perfume

French Lover Pierre Bourdon Men's Perfume

French Lover Pierre Bourdon boasts complex and alluring notes sure to seduce ladies. Created by Frederic Malle, this captivating cologne has rich notes of spices and musk. With this, you’ll be able to attract any woman without issue!

Its mysterious yet straightforward aroma enhances the natural body odor of most men. That means it won’t overpower your natural scent, only improve it a little. So it’s no wonder it’s become a popular choice among ladies for men.

Its top notes consist of spices and galbanum, giving you a strong start. Backing this is a secondary aromatic layer of cedar, incense, and angelica. With this, you get an aromatic start, leaving an unforgettable first impression.

Balancing these spices are white musk, oakmoss, and vetiver. With these as the base notes, you also receive an earthy aroma. As a result, you get a sophisticated yet masculine scent exuding sensuality! Any lady would have a hard time ignoring this unique scent.

Moreover, the lasting effect of this piece is just enough to last through any occasion. Whether for intimate celebrations or casual get-togethers, French Lover has got your back!

Overall, the French Lover is the perfect sensual pick for men looking to attract ladies.

  • Subtle scent
  • Blends with natural body odor
  • It can last for a while
  • Flexible, perfect for all occasions
  • It has convenient packaging
  • Expensive
  • Only available in one size
  • Low sillage level

Giorgio Armani Aqua di Gio Profumo Men's Perfume

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo for Men

Giorgio Armani is a trusted brand you can count on when it comes to high-end perfumes. And Giorgio Armani Aqua di Gio is a perfume that can help you snatch any lady in no time.

Released in 2015, this masculine cologne has become a popular cologne among men. And this is no surprise since the famous perfumer, Alberto Morillas, created it. So even if it’s a spinoff version of the original 1996 Aqua di Gio, it’s become a solid choice in modern times.

The cologne starts with aquatic notes, featuring fresh bergamot. Backing this is the middle notes of geranium, rosemary, and sage. And with patchouli blending all these, every whiff becomes a serene reminder of the ocean.

Also, thanks to the cologne’s earthy notes, it can work well in most climates. That means, whether it’s snowing or scorching out, Aqua di Gio has got your back. However, I suggest using it during the summer as its aquatic notes perfectly blend in the heat.

Overall, the Giorgio Armani Aqua di Gio is the perfect daytime fragrance for men looking to attract ladies.

But keep in mind that this cologne isn’t the best choice if you’re looking to stand out. After all, it aims to blend well with your natural odor rather than overtaking it.

  • Flexible cologne, perfect for any weather
  • From a trusted brand
  • High-end product
  • Subtle scent
  • Blend well with natural body odor
  • Very expensive
  • Only available in one variation
  • Low sillage and longevity levels

Nautica Voyage Men's Perfume

Nautica Voyage Perfume for men

If you’re an avid beachgoer looking to attract some ladies on the go, choose Nautica. Famous for its fragrances, Nautica Voyage Men’s Perfume is a must-have for men who love being on or near the water.

The cologne starts with top notes of green leaves and apples, making you feel crisp—and confident! Complimenting these are its notes of mimosas, water lotus, and other aquatic elements. With this, you get to experience the relaxing crashes of ocean waves in each whiff!

And topping all this off is its base notes of moss, musk, amber, and cedarwood. It adds to the cologne’s masculinity, mingling with its cool tones from the ocean. So not only will you smell fresh and clean, but you will also feel like it. In short, every day is a beach day with Nautica!

However, the downside of this cologne is that it isn’t as strong as other brands. After all, it’s aimed to blend with your natural body odor rather than overpowering it. So if you’re looking for a scent to last you a whole day, this isn’t the best choice.

Meanwhile, if you want to smell good on the go, this is an excellent choice for you!

Overall, Nautica Voyage Men’s Perfume is a decent pick that can compete with the more prominent names in the industry despite its lackluster sillage levels.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Very affordable
  • It comes in different variations
  • Subtle scent perfectly blends with natural body odor
  • Flexible, ideal for all climates
  • Its aroma doesn’t last as long as other brands
  • Some may not like its subtle scent

Bvlgari Aqva Amara Men's Perfume

Bvlgari Aqva Amara Perfume for men

When it comes to luxurious and alluring fragrances, Bvlgari is a name you can’t miss! And the Bvlgari Aqva Amara Men’s Perfume is no exception. Also known as ‘bitter water,’ this cologne is made by high-end perfumer Jacques Cavallier.

Bvlgari Aqva Amara preserves luxurious aquatic qualities alongside Mediterranean notes. It’s a unique and daring scent perfect for men looking to stand out—and attract the ladies!

Its top notes include mandarin, neroli flower, and patchouli. As a result, you get a whiff of the strength of the ocean. It’s a bold yet alluring fragrance, swaying many ladies to its offensive and robust notes.

Aside from that, women seem to adore this aroma due to its mature and masculine vibe. That means not only will it make you feel crisp and fresh, but it can also give you a massive confidence boost! So whether you’re a teen or an adult, this scent will let you interact with women better in no time.

Also, its performance allows you to use it as a stand-alone. So you don’t need to back it up with other scents as its long-lasting effect is well-established.

However, some reviews state that this piece’s aroma isn’t for everyone. And your lady friend might not be a big fan of this cologne’s complex mix.

  • It can last for a long time
  • It isn’t too overpowering
  • It has high sillage levels
  • Flexible, it can be used for different climates
  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Very expensive
  • Complex blends of fragrances might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Only available in two sizes

Versace Eros Men's Perfume

Versace Eros Men's Perfume

Versace Eros Men’s Perfume is my last pick for the best cologne to attract ladies. It’s an alluring fragrance created to showcase unrestrained passion. And with this, it’s become a popular scent among men.

Its top notes emit a crisp and citrusy aroma, leaving a refreshing first impression. Adding more to its refreshing vibe are its green apple, lemon, and mint notes. These can uplift any man’s vibe with each spritz!

Also, many women find men who smell fresh, clean and crisp attractive. And if you don’t want to look like you don’t take care of yourself, Versace’s Eros can help.

Furthermore, this luxurious piece is flexible and is perfect for all occasions. So whether you’re going on a business meeting or a cozy date, this cologne has got you covered.

However, I noticed that this cologne was a bit stronger than other scents I’ve featured. So don’t want to overdo it when applying the cologne. And not to mention, oriental fragrances like this don’t smell as great when overdone.

But you don’t need to worry about underapplying as this cologne has excellent longevity! You can spray a couple of dabs, which should last you up to 8 hours without reapplication. And with this, you get a versatile and long-lasting cologne perfect for men of any age.

  • Ideal for any weather
  • Lasts up to 8 hours
  • Has high sillage levels
  • It has gorgeous packaging
  • High-end brand
  • Expensive
  • Scent is too overpowering
  • Only available in one size

Best Cologne to Attract Ladies (Buying Guide)

There are many colognes for men in the market. However, not all attract women. To help you find the best pick to entice the ladies, I listed some factors you need to consider.

✔️ Scent

Although subjective, here are the four most popular scents ladies adore on men: 

  • Fruit. Citrus scents are always a popular pick among women as they can energize and awaken their sense of smell. Also, studies show that people with high fruit intake develop better-smelling body odor.
  • Vanilla. Most women adore vanilla. After all, it’s a subtle sweet scent that reduces stress and anxiety levels. And not to mention, it lasts for a long time!
  • Leather. An unusual fragrance that ladies who like macho men adore. However, this isn’t the case for all women, so know your lady friend well beforehand. 
  • Musk. This is a unique, attractive scent present in many men’s colognes. It’s a popular choice among ladies closer to nature. After all, it emits an earthy and wood-like fragrance. 

✔️ Skin Type

Even the most expensive scents won’t smell good if it’s not meant for your skin type. And not to mention your body odor. So I suggest trying out a cologne first or buying a sample to test it out. Depending on the product, your body will likely respond differently. 

Additionally, see the ingredients list to prevent allergic reactions. 

✔️ Sillage

This refers to the amount of cologne capable of lingering on your surroundings. Hence, the higher the sillage, the bigger your presence. So you’ll need to be considerate when choosing colognes based on their sillage levels. 

However, I suggest choosing a sillage level depending on the situation. For instance, a higher sillage is ideal if you’re going to a club filled with easy-going people. Meanwhile, if you’re going somewhere fancy or upscale, a lower sillage is better.

Either way, picking a cologne following sillage levels shows your attention to detail. And it may also increase your chances of attracting the woman of your dreams. 

✔️ Longevity

A cologne’s longevity depends on your need or preferences. Do you want it to last throughout the day? Or just for a brief period? Either way, a cologne’s longevity makes sure it stays when needed. And it prevents your body odor from taking over, keeping you fresh and smelling great!

✔️ Notes

You must understand what a cologne’s top, middle, and base notes imply. After all, these notes help you determine if a cologne is a perfect match for you—and your date! 

The top note doesn’t last long and is usually the first impression of yourself. And the middle note represents the body of the cologne. These two are essential, but what you should take note of is the base note. After all, it is the foundation of the cologne. 

The base note is what lingers the longest on your body. Hence, it’s crucial to understand what base note works best with you.

Applying Cologne the Right Way (Tips and Tricks)

To enjoy the most benefits from the best cologne to attract ladies, keep these tips and tricks in mind:

  • Always apply cologne after showering. A shower can open up your powers, helping your body absorb the cologne’s scent better. Just make sure to dry your skin before spraying the cologne. 
  • Spray your cologne at least 3 to 6 inches away from your body. Doing this too close or far risks you of over-and-under-applying. 
  • Always start light. Lightly applying cologne is a great way to determine which body part takes in scent the best, 
  • Spray cologne to heated areas. The increased heat diffuses the cologne’s scent throughout the day. And it lets it meld with your body better, developing a unique and alluring scent. These include the neck, check, inner elbows, forearms, and pulse points. 
  • Re-apply cologne if necessary. Depending on the cologne, you might need to re-apply it now and then. And this is especially the case if you plan on going out at night. Just don’t overdo it and lightly dab it onto your preferred areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What scents attract women the best?

A: Although subjective, vanilla is the most popular scent that attracts ladies. After all, it’s been used as a natural aphrodisiac for years. Other alternatives are peppermint, pastries, coffee, lavender, cinnamon, and sandalwood. 

Q: What scent can turn a woman on?

A: It depends, but research shows that citrus scents like lemons and oranges work best in turning a woman on. These crisp and energizing fragrances increase oxytocin levels in a lady. And this, in turn, makes them want to bond. 

Q: Is there a pheromone cologne available?

A: There are plenty of pheromone perfumes on the market, and they usually use Musk or Ambergris. Either way, these ensure that you produce more pheromones than usual. As a result, ladies will flock to you in no time. 

Q: Do pheromone colognes really work?

A: Pheromone colognes are more efficient than placebos. Research proved that men who used these colognes received a 90% increase in interactions from ladies than those who didn’t. So to a certain extent, pheromone colognes do work. 

Final Words

You can now approach women more confidently with the best cologne to attract ladies on hand. Whether you’re pursuing a long-time crush or want to move on from a previous relationship, the products above will not only leave you smelling good—but feeling good too!

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